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It is easy to imagine what a heart shaped diamond might connote: love, faithfulness and commitment. There are few symbols as sacred and as enduring as the heart. Our supreme collection of unique, splendid antique engagement rings, promise rings, wedding rings and engagement rings make use of this heart design. With heart shaped diamond rings, you can embody the character your gold ring represents, while symbolizing your commitment with the time-honored tradition of a diamond ring. A perfectly shaped heart represents pure love. How sweet it is to make heart diamond solitaire rings an engagement present for the special lady in your heart. Certainly, there is no other word to express how you feel knowing that such feeling comes from the bottom of your heart. The diamond engagement ring will speak for itself, which is how your lady will fathom your deepest emotions.


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Fashion Men Jewelry | Cut Fine Jewelry

A heart diamond solitaire ring looks fabulous on her finger. Not much of an intricate pattern, the heart shape is another modified version of the pear shape diamond. Their difference lies on the cleft at the top of the heart shape diamond. The diamond itself speaks of love and eternity. Putting her heart on fire with the flame of love has already paid the price. When we talk about ultimate balance between quality and price, no one comes to mind but iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry. We sincerely express that when you plan of buying a heart diamond ring, you should make sure you understand the quality of your stone. Ask about the diamond color and clarity. Purchasing a non-traditional gemstone shape is no reason to compromise on quality. That is our mission, to encompass the world with our finest brand of engagement diamond rings. Learn what you need to know about choosing the perfect diamond at our education section.

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Winter Weddings and Jewelry: Priceless Asset


Jewelry is the most important thing for a woman. They love to dress up. But in that dress, jewelry gives a different and beautiful look. There are different types of jewelries. You can choose different design jewelry for every occasion. Like you want to wear a necklace or just earrings or you want to wear some heavy jewelry or light one. Jewelry attracts every woman to itself. You can choose jewelry in Indian or western designs. If you are a jewelry lover, you must go for diamond as well. But as ladies love to but jewelry on every occasion, there are some artificial jewelries are also available. You can buy from everywhere and in any price tag according to your budget.

Especially in weddings, jewelry trend is famous. Ladies love to wear same color jewelry as their dress color is. It depends in which season the wedding is. But you must plan a winter wedding. As in that you can wear a heavy dress and heavy jewelry and it will let you feel itchy. Winter is really the magical time of the season. If you are planning a wedding in winter, you must remember some things. Wedding is an important part of any couple’s life. Like you need a place where your guests do not feel much cold. All hot drinks should be present there. Everything must be well adjusted. The colors you choose for decoration must be according to the season. Make themed invitation cards. Your fashion look must be trendy and good looking. Candle light can be a better option for winter’s wedding. Now it comes to your menu.

Jewelry for wedding must be different so that it can increase your beauty and will not make you feel down. So the things must be hot and unique. Seasonal things must be there. So that people can enjoy those. If you are planning to wear something heavy then make sure your jewelry must be light. And on the other hand if you are wearing something light, then you can choose jewelry of any type. Just make sure, you are not looking old fashioned or odd one out. You can wear contrast jewelry too as it is in trend now days. Ladies specially order jewelries which are in contrast to their dresses. Plan a winter wedding is easy, you just need to changes your choices according to season.

Gold and silver jewelries are out of fashion now. Ladies love to wear diamond or platinum. In platinum you look entirely different. Jewelry is a thing which can enhance your beauty in every occasion. Like if you are wearing something common, you can wear a gold necklace and you will look beautiful or you can try a diamond pendent. Jewelry for every occasion must be different and unique. Now days, many new styles are there in market. You can buy jewelry in heart shaped, circular shape, or in different sizes and designs. Even you can order jewelry and the makers will make it according to your choice and design. Jewelry is the thing ladies cannot go out without.

Some ladies have a great fond of jewelry that every time they go to market, they try to buy something new and different. The market is full of style and design. You just need to go and choose as better as you can choose. Jewelry for wedding is always expensive and entirely different in design. If you want something trendy, you can go for simple designs. As heavy designs now days are out dated and look odd always.

Jewelry is a women’s best friend, is it true?

Ibraggiotti gemstone jewelry

                        Ibraggiotti gemstone jewelry

Every women love to wear trendy, chic, sleek and fashionable earrings and other types of ornaments.  They spend lots of time move from one jewelry store to another just in search of exceptional and exclusive pieces so that she can boast a collection of nice adornments. However, with the increase in the trend of online shopping, there are numerous excellent stores with huge collections.

Jewelry has become part and parcel of modern day life. All sorts of ornaments like rings, stud earrings, bangles, and pendants are admired and worn by both working women and house makers. They prefer to wear traditional as well as exclusive range of earrings with contemporary designs in different designs to make a novel and an exclusive style statement.


Whether you have decided to buy some precious jewelry for you of or for someone special, you need to know every bit of it in order to be a well-informed customer. Nothing could be more annoying than to buy a pair of earring for someone and hear complaints about its quality, shine or anything else. So, perform the necessary homework and acquire better information before purchasing finest gemstone earrings.


Select the type of earring that will suit your personality best. You can go for round earrings with pearls or stud in the Centre or choose large dangles which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You also need to look for the kind of outfit you are wearing whether it is a western or a traditional dress. If you are dressed in western style ho for sleek and elegant earrings while of your dress is traditional, you can choose some really heavy and studded earrings.


If you are shopping Jewelry for your wedding or any other special occasion, make sure to select Jewelry or earrings after your attire is finalized. Your biggest benefit is that when your outfit is ready, your earrings and Jewelry will be sized accordingly and properly and save your time as well


Probably every one of you must wish to keep your expensive jewelry safe and intact. You can do so by keeping it in a safe place whenever you remove it. Moreover, try not to wear your earrings while make up or taking a bath. The harmful chemicals present in home products and beauty products can damage the Jewelry item, stripping them of the original shine and look and make them look monotonous and lifeless.


You can also think of Jewelry earrings as a gift item for your closed ones. There are many absorbing, extraordinary and exclusive items that can serve your purpose. You can also go to online Jewelry shop to get some extraordinary and expensive jewelry gift idea containers. Once you possess your gift item with you, choose some sticker label packages that may go well with the kind of feeling you want to express through your gift item. Provide a fine attractive touch to your gift with these stickers.


When wearing finest gemstone earrings it is preferable to ensure whether they complement with your attire. It is actually needed since this can either make or break your appearance. Moreover, you will also find numerous designs and styles of exclusive range of earrings that are not ideal for every face and personality, so be careful to select a design that suits you most. So, it is always good to pursue the latest fashion and not just pick up anything and wear. Presently, a large number of women are investing big amounts in jewelry pieces.The majority of you may find it a bit complicated to buy finest gemstone earring, especially after glancing at their prices. However, you can always go for online jewelry shop where you can find exclusive designs at nominal prices. Make sure to study in deep about the online Jewelry outlet and their catalogue before choosing to buy your favorite pairs of earring. There are plenty of online shopping stores available today that makes shopping easy and quick.

Classy Wedding Rings and Bands

Marriage is the sacred thread that entwines souls in a journey that traverses forever. Millions of couples wait for this big day of their life to commence and they take meticulous efforts to adorn the occasion. The bride navigates through a wide collection of ravishing and gorgeous attires and groom looks for best suits and apparels. Apart from the apparels wedding rings and bands are also a curious pick of the couple. They wish their rings to stand different and make a memorable piece of wear. Diamond rings are the latest trends of wedding wears that makes a spectacular display on fingers. Girls are wooed at the very thought of diamond and hence men make it a note to search for elite and sleek designs of diamond rings with a wonderful finish.

Ibraggiotti Rings

                      Ibraggiotti Rings

Millions of people prior starting their lives often get baffled with the type of wedding bands and rings to choose for their partners.A wide collection and range of wedding bands are available in the market but if you are looking for a gorgeous and lavish wedding ceremony then your choice must epitomize class and elegance. Diamond rings at attractive prices are displayed in showrooms and jewelry shops that captivateswould be marrying couples. Everyone craves for classic and hand crafted wedding diamond rings with unique design and carvings. People even prefer to emboss their partner’s name in the rings to give it a touch of passionate love. Men’s wedding bands have elegant carvings and marvelous etching throughout the complete ring. Art gets it form in these rings and they make an irresistible choice.

Ibraggiotti Wedding Bands

Ibraggiotti Wedding Bands

A wide variety of rings and wedding bands have stones embedded in them. Men’s wedding bands have gems or other precious stones embedded. Black diamonds, color gemstones, lavender sapphires are some of the jaw-dropping picks of wedding rings and bands.Eternity rings come with such wonderful amalgamations of precious stones. Gold embroidery and emerald stones are also a classy taste. Rubies, color diamonds or pink sapphires synchronize with the attire and wedding theme.Adding a white gold or rose gold gives a modish touch to the rings and wedding bands and it offers both uniqueness and taste in its appearance. People also prefer to give their personal designs and make the ring more special for their beloved. Lacy finishes also look gracefulon brides’ fingers. They have complicated touches and makethe design more intricate and fascinating. Golden lines with lacy finishes are the buzz in market now.

Wedding bands

                      Wedding bands

Wedding rings and bands understand the forever love between passionate souls and hence they are designed with taste and class. The colossal range of wedding bands gives you a choice from multitude options that make a perfect piece of selection for your big day in life. A piece of contemporary design or art is also a unique wish on wedding rings. It marks grandeur in its appearance and adorns the occasion with a symbolic meaning. Properly finished lines amalgamated with more intricate designs are now made possible with technology. Hand crafted rings with stones studded are the popular choice nowadays. If you are planning to give a unique look you should try your own designs and visit illustrious and reputed jewelry shops that shall help you get the best lucrative work at the right price. Diamond and stone studded rings embellishes your big day and makes beautiful memories. It also signifies faith and trust that you wrap in the gesture of ring ceremony and invigorate your relation. So give your partner the best ring and mark the inception of marriage of your marriage with grace and class.

Diamond Slides: The Modern Diamonds

Diamonds are women’s best friends, and women have made the perfect choice in choosing as this. I believe they are the most beautiful pieces of stone in the whole world, and it is not a big surprise to me to say that women and beauty goes hand in hand. It is always less when we appreciate the beauty of a woman and same goes with the diamonds, where never ending words can be said appreciating its beauty. Diamonds are best gift for a woman and with the help of a simple diamond; you can win a woman’s heart.

About Slides

Diamond slides are the highest demanding and the hottest form of diamonds in the market. Every slide is carved off with so much beauty and mind you all of it involves hand work. The handcrafted items are designed so beautifully, however such is not with the case of the other varieties of diamonds.

Ibraggiotti Diamond Slides

Range of Slides

  • Pendants: It can be arranged in the form of pendant, which is carved out so beautifully with some of the slides engraved in it and also gold can be used along with it. These pendants are mostly worn by woman and it makes them all the more elegant and beautiful wearing this on their neck. Choose a thick chain along with the pendant.
  • Rings: The slide formations can be used for the rings too, and it can be made for both men and women. Women may choose to wear heavy rings and with the slides on it this can be done comfortably. Once you have this slide ring I am sure you will be in love with the frame and the design as a whole. So step out to jewellery store and choose one for you from the exclusive range of slides.
  • Earrings: Having more of diamonds in the cupboards and also on body is what every woman desires. So what about the idea of having earrings made of diamond slides. Isn’t that a perfect idea, it would be even better if you get the same matching earring as that of your pendant making it a whole set for you. It is the most fashionable jewellery these days which is both trendy and elegant. Especially for you girls this should be your first preference as they are so delicate that it would so much of grace to your beauty making you look completely out of this world.
    Ibraggiotti Gold Slides

    Ibraggiotti Gold Slides

Ibraggiotti Blue Topaz Diamond Slide

Features of diamonds

It would be interesting to know the feature of diamonds, and how it has gained so much of popularity in the form of jewels. Please find below the properties of diamonds;

  • They are the hardest material on earth.
  • It conducts five times more heat than copper, this is the only reason it is too cold to touch.
  • The purest form of diamond is transparent, and this knowledge can be used to judge the quality of the diamond. Purest form of diamonds reflects light and emit ultra violet light.
  • It can act as an insulator or conductor, it can either let the electricity pass through it and can also block the same.
  • The diamond being the hardest form of minerals can survive any of the physical calamities, and it is surprising to know that no damage will be caused to the diamonds.
  • Ibraggiotti Diamond Chain Slide

    Ibraggiotti Diamond Chain Slide

With so much of variety and the features which it embraces within itself, it would be easy for you to choose a beautiful diamond for yourself of gifting someone from the exclusive range of slides.

Get Designer Anklets to Go Fashionable from Traditional

An anklet is the most beautiful accessory which has the perfect blend of tradition and rebellion in it. It is worn around both the ankles but now, the fashionistas like to keep it different. Instead of wearing it over both the ankles, they like to wear it only in one. This piece of jewelry originated in Asia which was worn by the married women to reflect happiness and prosperity. But now, people all over the world like to wear it as a fashion accessory to enhance the beauty of their ankle. Married and unmarried both wear anklets in gold, silver and many other metals.

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

Now a days, the sterling silver anklets have been gaining a lot of popularity and being worn as an accessory in all the occasions. The contemporary anklets are made by using a lot of more materials that includes pearls, glass, gemstones, beads and a lot more.

An anklet can be worn over all the outfits as it has the most ideal blend of contemporary and classic look. From the short dress to the full gown, skirts to jeans, sarees to suits; the ankle bracelets look stunning each time you wear them. Tough the traditional anklets can be worn by only a special class of people, the designer ones can be worn by all the age groups due to the wide choices, collection and patterns. The anklets made with Swarovski or freshwater pearls look elegant can be worn by any age women.

A sterling silver anklet is a perfect gift if you wish to give something really nice to someone who is very close to you. These anklets come in adjustable chain which can be fixed according to the person’s ankle size. Unlike the other type of jewelry, the sterling silver anklets are easier to choose and comes within budget. The simple and cute designs are ought to impress anyone wearing it. Thus, you can be assured to make the person love it whom you gift the stunning piece of anklet.

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

Ibraggiotti fashion ankletheart-rope-anklet

The anklets come in many designs which makes it easier to choose your design according to your personal taste and style. For instance, for an elegant and simple look, you can opt to wear a box chain cross anklet in sterling silver. But, if you show some fun side, then you can choose to wear a fancy cross anklet in sterling silver. This looks hep and cool too. Thus, you have adequate options to choose from which you can wear according to the event, mood and occasion.

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

iBraggiotti has a wide collection of anklets which can be worn in any occasion. These look elegant and sophisticated enhancing your overall look and class. You may even checkout other jewlery offered by for more and better options offered at the minimum cost. The range of ladies wedding bands and eternal bands are simply awesome that comes without digging a hole in your pocket. Thus, checkout now for more options.

Look Beautiful With A Pair of Gemstone Earrings

Jewelry is the most essential part of a woman’s attire. It expresses her persona, taste, beauty and the sense of choice and fashion. Thus, to ensure that you reflect your class in the correct way through jewelry, it is very important to choose the best.

Selecting the right jewelry is an art and not all women have it in them. While buying any jewelry, the buyer should keep in mind a few things so that the best piece is selected. It is very important to choose the jewelry according to the complexion, appearance, occasion and place.

Out of all the jewelry, earrings enjoys a place of preference and pride in a woman’s life. She may do without a bracelet or a chain, but an earring is always a must for her. A pair of earring can be made of any metal or any gemstone. Women these days like to opt for gemstones as these are sophisticated and classy. Some of them like to go with diamonds whereas, others opt for their birth stones which are colorful and dazzling.

gemstone earrings

gemstone earrings

These days, many variety of gemstones earrings are available which comes in hoops, chandeliers, studs, dangles and many more. The type you choose should depend on your complexion and the shape of your face. Occasion also plays a major role in deciding the best earring for you. The long hoops or dangles does not look good in the office, but, these are perfect for any function or party. Simple studs are best for office wear. Diamonds with a few gemstones are great for small event gathering. Thus, each style of gemstone earrings have different class and should be worn only in the perfect time.

gemstone earrings

gemstone earrings

At the time of selecting an earring, make sure that you think about your face too. Long dangling chains and hoops looks best on the round faces only. The small drops are best for long face. Studs looks great on a square faced woman. Whereas, the short dangles go well for a rectangular faced woman. Just like the shape, color also plays a very important role in selecting the gemstone earring. Knowing what color to choose can be frustrating. Thus, it is important to know which color would go best with your complexion.

gemstone earrings

  gemstone earrings

gemstone earrings

gemstone earrings

While you dress up for any occasion, make sure that your gemstone earrings sync with the rest of your jewelry and outfit. If you are wearing a diamond necklace, then prefer wearing diamond earring only. But, beware of overdoing. Too much jewelry can make you look loud and weird. The best would be to leave your neck bare if you wear a long dangle or chunky piece of earring. This will make you look elegant and classy.

If you have been looking for a place to buy a new pair of earring, then look for the most elegant pieces on the web. Many jewelry websites offer jewelry at low costs. But, ensure that you choose the trustworthy firm for your jewelry. These online jewelry merchant offers unique jewelry at the most competitive price. Thus, get the smartest pair of earring for the upcoming event online now!