A fine Range of Pendants: Find the Best for your Neck Chain

The Jewelry is the call of the hour. The changing trends had made people comfortable in buying the jewelry online. There are fine range of pendants and charms available for people. The most popular types of pendants are:

  • Cross pendants
  • Jewelry charms
  • Chinese charms
  • Metal Pendants

Pendants might be the central of your armlet, Jewelry and actually hoop outlines. From utilizing charms as basic drops within hoops to utilizing pendants as centrepieces for exquisite accessory plans, our architects have assembled a couple of tips and traps to tell you how to utilize what and when. One can also get jewelry online these days.


Utilizing charms as a part of adornments designs

Typically, we call something an appeal on the off chance that it is 24mm to 25mm (around 1 inch) long and/or distance across. This size might be immaculate to dangle from an eye stick or hop ring as a component of a stud plan. On the other hand you can utilize charms as the centrepiece of a straightforward and dainty neckband outline. Gems making charms can likewise be utilized within drop beaded arm ornaments and more conventional appeal wrist trinkets. You can likewise drop charms off fastens or extender ties to include a little energy in surprising spots. Charms are made with patched circles at the top that run parallel to the configuration of the appeal itself; this implies you will frequently require a hop ring or part ring to join your appeal to your chain or beading wire so you can fuse it into your outline.


Top Penetrated Pendants

Top bored pendants could be a considerable measure of enjoyable to work with. They loan themselves flawlessly to utilizing pendant safeguards, which offer a straightforward and simple approach to make central focuses; just append a safeguard to the pendant, string the safeguard onto the inside of your beading wire and after that dot around it utilizing dots and segments that match your pendant and the safeguard. Feeling some more imaginative than that? Top penetrated pendants are ideal for making your beaded safeguard. Just utilize metal globules or seed dabs – whatever will work best in your configuration – to make a safeguard that mixes impeccably into whatever is left of your Jewelry outline.


Evenly Bored Pendants

Typically, pendants that are on a level plane penetrated are trapezoids or rectangles or teardrops. What is fun about evenly bored pendants is that you needn’t bother with a safeguard and you needn’t bother with learning of wire wrapping or weaving to work with them. Getting online jewelry is one of the cheapest options these days.


Vertically Penetrated Pendants

Many individuals – particularly tenderfoot beaders – get some information about vertically bored pendants. Particularly, they need to know whether they can utilize a safeguard or not. The answer is typically no. A vertically bored pendant has a gap that runs from the through and through the middle of the pendant itself. The most well-known approach to make your own particular safeguard for pendants like this is to take a long headpin, run the headpin across the pendant, & after that make a wire wrapped circle. You can join that circle to chain or string it onto beading wire. An alternate approach to utilize vertically bored pendants is to focus a stop globule (or dabs) on your beading wire and run both finishes of the wire through the gap in the pendant. For the more developed beader, vertically bored pendants additionally loan themselves to delightful wire wrapping and woven work.


Donut Pendants

Donut pendants could be a considerable measure of fun. You can do basic things like utilization calfskin or suede to tie a slip hitch around the donut and make a straightforward jewelry that truly showcases your pendant. Then again you can utilize a scrap bit of bind to make a safeguard.


Assuredly, figuring out how to work with diverse sorts of pendants provides for you extraordinary persuasion and helps you to realize totally new possibilities a bit so your central piece turns into the superstar in the majority of your neckband outlines! These are the fine range of pendants and charms.


Diamond Slides: The Modern Diamonds

Diamonds are women’s best friends, and women have made the perfect choice in choosing as this. I believe they are the most beautiful pieces of stone in the whole world, and it is not a big surprise to me to say that women and beauty goes hand in hand. It is always less when we appreciate the beauty of a woman and same goes with the diamonds, where never ending words can be said appreciating its beauty. Diamonds are best gift for a woman and with the help of a simple diamond; you can win a woman’s heart.

About Slides

Diamond slides are the highest demanding and the hottest form of diamonds in the market. Every slide is carved off with so much beauty and mind you all of it involves hand work. The handcrafted items are designed so beautifully, however such is not with the case of the other varieties of diamonds.

Ibraggiotti Diamond Slides

Range of Slides

  • Pendants: It can be arranged in the form of pendant, which is carved out so beautifully with some of the slides engraved in it and also gold can be used along with it. These pendants are mostly worn by woman and it makes them all the more elegant and beautiful wearing this on their neck. Choose a thick chain along with the pendant.
  • Rings: The slide formations can be used for the rings too, and it can be made for both men and women. Women may choose to wear heavy rings and with the slides on it this can be done comfortably. Once you have this slide ring I am sure you will be in love with the frame and the design as a whole. So step out to jewellery store and choose one for you from the exclusive range of slides.
  • Earrings: Having more of diamonds in the cupboards and also on body is what every woman desires. So what about the idea of having earrings made of diamond slides. Isn’t that a perfect idea, it would be even better if you get the same matching earring as that of your pendant making it a whole set for you. It is the most fashionable jewellery these days which is both trendy and elegant. Especially for you girls this should be your first preference as they are so delicate that it would so much of grace to your beauty making you look completely out of this world.
    Ibraggiotti Gold Slides

    Ibraggiotti Gold Slides

Ibraggiotti Blue Topaz Diamond Slide

Features of diamonds

It would be interesting to know the feature of diamonds, and how it has gained so much of popularity in the form of jewels. Please find below the properties of diamonds;

  • They are the hardest material on earth.
  • It conducts five times more heat than copper, this is the only reason it is too cold to touch.
  • The purest form of diamond is transparent, and this knowledge can be used to judge the quality of the diamond. Purest form of diamonds reflects light and emit ultra violet light.
  • It can act as an insulator or conductor, it can either let the electricity pass through it and can also block the same.
  • The diamond being the hardest form of minerals can survive any of the physical calamities, and it is surprising to know that no damage will be caused to the diamonds.
  • Ibraggiotti Diamond Chain Slide

    Ibraggiotti Diamond Chain Slide

With so much of variety and the features which it embraces within itself, it would be easy for you to choose a beautiful diamond for yourself of gifting someone from the exclusive range of slides.

Earrings to Enhance Your Beauty & Style

Earrings is a must for any women irrespective of their age. If she is a college scholar, a housewife, or a working woman; earring is something which is ought to be found on her ears enhancing the beauty of the face. In fact, earrings are the only jewelry pieces which are allowed in the educational institutes.


You will find variety of designs of earrings and they are tried and tested well by the women belonging to different age groups of different communities. According to today’s times, earrings have become a style and trend among the guys too.


Metallic earrings- Such earrings as the name suggests are made of different metals. Gold earrings, platinum earrings and silver earrings are the common metals used in making these earrings. In fact, alloys of variety of metals such as bronze and copper are used in making the vogue earrings. The gold earrings have timeless charm and are the classical favorite of almost every woman. They can be molded in to different shapes and an array may probably be saved. Studs and tops are desired when it comes to normal wears. These are very easy and simple to dress in as well as keep. Because they stay shut according to your figure and cannot drop easily.


Hoops- Well hoops are again another form which is used by the women of all the age groups frequently. These jewelry pieces appear in the multiple dimensions along with the diameters differing from centimeter to a number of centimeters. Some of the substantial hoops are normally made from silver, copper, platinum and other delicate metals. Hoops undoubtedly look very classy and elegant when they are little and they look trendy when they are big or large. Hoops or earrings in platinum are very fashionable. They have lot of demand in the market because they have exceptional energy and fantastic look.


Stud earrings- The stud earrings are very much popular among the females belonging to different age groups. Studs in the diamonds are stylishly outstanding. When compared studs to different stone earrings are more striking. Studded earrings have only one diamond piece or any other type of stone which is being used. In the beaded variations, very small pieces of the stone are being used. Patterned earrings together with different stone of different sizes and shapes are used to make some eye-catching jewelry. Rubies, emerald, coral and pearls are fully used in making fashion costume jewelry or stylish ornaments. Fashion jewelry is actually a new notion among the youthful brigade of the present. These occur in modern as well as classic designs and females generally maintain a collection of the style add ones. Well the white stone jewelry is actually a shade appreciated by all the ladies of age teams. White stone turning graceful in the visual appeal and make the most beautiful earrings which further complement different attires.


Dangles- This is among the most diverse sort of earrings, probably dangles are the most special jewelry patterns. This jewelry stands out among all the jewelry pieces. These are probably shaped irregularly and most of the young girls have a liking for dangles. When you wear any heavy dress then dangles complements it very well because they are quite massive in dimensions. Generally females do not use dangles frequently; they put it during special events only. Dangles are normally created from gold, silver and platinum as well as devoid of diamonds and other precious stones.


Thus, the earrings make the best accessory to enhance the beauty of a woman tremendously. The diverse range of earrings have helped them to have something different in all occasions making them look beautiful and elegant always.

Redefine your style and look elegantly with diamond jewelry

Diamond jewelry stands for elegance, class and sophistication. This extremely precious and lovable stone is adored by everyone. Although there are different ornaments and jewelry made up of diamond but only diamond pendants stands out in the crowd because they look rich and add grace to your beauty. These pendants look more glamorous when worn with a simple gold chain or any other metal. The beauty and charm of these beautiful diamond pendants is a decisive romantic gesture. Dazzling pendant along with sparkling diamonds is definitely an eye catcher. The grace and grandeur of these beautiful pendants will make you fall in love. It has given new meaning to the style statement and that’s why it is considered to be a must for every woman who loves wearing jewelry.


Are you bored of wearing your wedding jewelry and want to add something new to your accessory box or have it been ages that you haven’t bought any diamond jewelry, then think of buying diamond pendants as they are available in wide varieties and affordable prices. There are different designs from which you can choose these pendants. Whether it’s a big sized pendant or a small sized diamond pendant there are several options in front of you to pick from. Solitaire pendant jewelry is one of those pieces that are exceptionally elegant and beautiful. A blend of two or three or even more diamonds into a single pendant can become jewelry to flaunt during different parties or get together with friends, relatives or colleagues.


These pendants can be the most precious gifts for your partner or dear ones. These pendants are a perfect symbol of great bond, togetherness and love. If you are gifting this beautiful piece of jewelry in any occasion such engagements, birthdays and weddings then your emotions, care, love and commitment can be conveyed nicely. The most common sort of diamond pendant is heart shaped ones as they are quite popular and you will find that there is always a demand for the same among youth crowd.


There are some more designs which are in fashion such as cross pendants, journey pendants, key pendants and lot more. The diamonds which are cut in oval, round, pear, emerald and princess shapes looks grand. Such pendants are highly in demand and are next to stylish earrings for the women. When you want to buy these pendants which goes well with shape of your face then go online because there are varieties of pendants listed there.



There is a wide variety of diamond pendants available in different jewelry stores on the internet. Along with pendants you can also know about the gold jewelry costs on the website. Other than transparent diamonds you can go for the colored diamond pendants also.



Diamond pendants are available in different shades of champagne, black, yellow and pink blue. Colored diamonds are getting popular among different age groups. Diamond pendants ass more stylish look to your main outfit. You can accessories such pendants with gold chain and other metallic chain. You can go for the leather or the silk cords. These cords are now available in several price ranges also. You can gift such pendants to your near or dear ones during engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings. These diamond pendants are for all the age group people. Just like women men are in today’s time has developed liking for the diamond pendants. But men prefer single ones having a small sized diamond fixed on it. Go online there are different websites which offers pure jewelry of different shapes, designs and style at sensible prices for you.

Exquisite range of Gold and Silver wedding Jewelry

Jewelry has always been an important part of any wedding especially for women’s. Wedding is very sentimental and ceremonial day for a bride. She puts all the efforts to make wedding look really fabulous and exciting to the guests. When it comes to choosing perfect wedding jewelry then brides can ask for a little help. This is an expert article which can help you in choosing right type of wedding jewelry.


All the brides need magnificent piece of wedding jewelry to complete their attire and look for the big day of their life. However that is just a beginning because you will also need bridesmaid jewelry which is generally given as thank you gifts during any bridal party. Nowadays you will find so many online stores which offers silver jewelry. They ensure that you get a large selection to choose from. Their knowledgeable staff will also help you to choose the best of the lot. These online stores also have some of the greatest handcrafted silver jewelry.


Gold pendants are perfect wedding gift for a bride. It can be bought easily. Other than that gold pendants are durable and used by the wearer for a long time. Women love jewelries, in fact it is an essential part of her wardrobe. It is believed that all the women loves diamond however when it comes to the value, reliability, durability and trustworthiness, then gold is definitely the best option.


Though with the passing time gold prices has never gone down. It is among the most valuable metals and adds right amount of sparkle to any dress. There are different options to be considered when it gets to gold pendants. It suits every woman having different taste, designs, style. You will something of your choice. A gold pendant not only looks good but also reflects your personality. Every other jewelry that a woman has it is the pendant made up of gold which make the difference.


Gold pendants are available in different shapes, designs, style and sizes. There are so many options which you can consider including myriad pieces. The gold pendant can be worn as good luck jewelry by the person to whomsoever you show. Therefore you can choose a motif which will have some kind of religious look.


In case you are interested in buying pendants which are not big in size, then it will be good if you choose the one which do not have lot of stones. Depending on the size of the pendant, number stones should be chosen.


Shape of the pendant is one more important consideration. People generally choose common options such as dragonflies, dolphins, fairies and they look quite decent also. You need to make sure that you check the material of the pendant and the gold quality.


The stone color is also a paramount concern. Keep one thing in mind that color of the stone goes perfectly with the value of the pendant. When you have to choose from colored stones and colorless one then always go for colorless stone because they are pure and have no impurities trapped.

Sparkling Diamond Bracelets- A Complete Fashion Avowal

Diamond bracelets are the girl’s best friend. With its brilliance you can easily make a fashion statement because they are ready to go with any outfit. No other metal or gemstone jewelry accessory is so versatile and elegant. There is no doubt that diamond rings look stunning and diamond necklaces stand out in the crowd but when it comes to versatility as well as everyday possibilities then diamond bracelets are the one who can make heck of the fashion statement.


You can choose from range of diamond bracelets like diamond tennis bracelets, bezel, four prong, bangles and superb mesh diamond bracelets. These diamond bracelets are just perfect to go with any elegant evening party, racquet club and social luncheon. They create immense brilliance from light gathered on every little diamond facets, that grabs the attention of everyone who remotely near.


When you are looking for the right diamond bracelet, you would like to keep the diamond clarity as well as color in your mind. Your aim should be to buy best color and clarity diamond when you are making this asset. Here comes the internet because internet helps you to save money as you do not pay overhead amount to the online jewelers. Generally you always desire for the best clarity diamonds along with good quality and white colored diamonds till the time you are opting for the fancy colors like blue diamonds, yellow diamonds, champagne colored diamonds, pink diamonds etc.


When you choose the yellow gold for diamond bracelet then always remember that the bottoms of the settings that are near to the diamond base should be pure white so that they do not reflect yellow gold into diamonds, therefore giving diamonds stunning yellow color. Though most of the jewelers take all these things in to consideration but you should always be double sure. In case you are opting for silver, platinum or white gold for your bracelet then there you do not have worry about the equation part.


One more thing that should be taken in to account while shopping diamond bracelet is that you need to make sure that each and every diamonds in the bracelet is of same color as well as clarity. This will enable you to have desired uniform appearance which is actually the hallmark of quality diamond jewelry especially bracelet. These diamond bracelets are extremely beautiful and make awesome gifts. With great knowledge as well as planning and incorporation of the suggestions given above you will be able to make educated decision while purchasing the actual fashion statement.


Diamond bracelets are worn on different occasions and there is no doubt that they add perfect class and elegance to your style. But to make a purchase of diamond jewelry is like a big investment. So before you make such a big decision you need to check few things especially range of prices. Therefore we would suggest you to set up a budget for buying this jewelry because it is an important part of shopping diamond bracelet and it is a sensible factor which determines whether you will be able to afford it or not. There are diamond bracelets which can cost you more than a car, thus when you start your search try to know how much amount you can spend first. Deciding on your budget will help you to start off with the right foot. It is suggested to buy diamonds which belongs to your price range so do not rush otherwise you will end up buying cheap diamond bracelets. We all know that diamonds are very expensive so cheap diamond can be fake and may not last for long.