A Day before Christmas

Everyone is getting ready for Christmas Day! gift are wrapped but still you need to check the list to make sure no one miss, if you found that you miss any love one in list and need to deliver gift you can checkout from ibraggiotti.com we use fastest shipping method so your love one will get the gift on time, ibraggiotti.com have largest collection of engagement rings, fine jewelry, wedding bands, diamonds, wedding bands, religious gifts which is perfect gift for this Christmas.


Tomorrow starts early – 3:15am with adoration from 4am to 5am. How blessed we feel to be able to spend time with our blessed Lord on the day of His birth some 2000 years ago.

This time of the year brings a special focus on caring for others and showing those closest to us just how much we love them. The business of caring for loved ones and ourselves should be year round. We wish Merry Christmas to all.



How to celebrate Christmas?

December 25 is the traditional anniversary of the birth of Christ, but most scholars are unsure about the true date for Christ’s birth. Americans celebrate Christmas present is rooted in Christmases past. Fully 86% of U.S. adults say they intend to gather with family and friends on Christmas this year, and an identical number say they plan to buy gifts for friends and family. here is few tips for Christmas celebration:-


1) Get all friends together

2) Decorate your car with lighting

3) Decorate Christmas tree with flower, light and candy

4) Give gift to everyone like festival jewelrybraceletspendent or religious gift

5) Make a nativity scene from snow; if you live near a sunny beach, sand-sculpt the nativity scene.

Jewelry as a Christmas gift?

Hello everyone..! Here comes the Christmas season. The season of red and green.. The festival of gifts.. So how about Jewelry as a Christmas gift. Sounds interesting?


In coming weeks we are planning to discover more about how jewelry can be a perfect Christmas gift for the loved ones. I am going to tell you what type of Christmas Jewelry is currently in trend and also help you find the right Christmas Jewelry as a gift to your family like  gold chains, judaica, diamond pendants, gold crosses, iBraggiotti offers Christian jewelry  diamond wedding bands, religious engagement rings, anniversary gifts, religious gifts.


Christmas is also a season of ‘OFFERS’. So we would be posting about various offers available on ibraggiotti.com suit your budget.