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Strengthen your relationship with our phenomenal selection of emerald cut diamond solitaire rings and design your love with the ring of your dreams. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry hosts an incredible selection of diamond engagement rings that surpasses timeless beauty and magical quality. Our emerald cut diamonds are named after emerald gemstones. The reason for this seeming misnomer is that the cut is most commonly implemented on emeralds. However, this tendency has no bearing on its success in diamond gemstone cutting. The cut is stunning in diamond engagement settings. Emerald cut is a step cut, in that the outlines are rectangular. The facets, or other planes created in the cutting process, are similarly linear, and they run parallel to the stone’s girdle. This unique style sets it apart from most cuts on the market, including some of the fanciest shapes like pear or marquise.

From traditional to contemporary to classic settings, we offer the perfect combination of diamonds and engagement rings setting. You can create your ideal ring and make it your everlasting masterpiece with our exceptional options of marvelous engagement diamond rings. Whether you want antique engagement rings or modern promise rings we will give you an heirloom diamond with 100% guarantee of peace of mind. Our spectacular edition of bridal rings is highly renowned for an exemplary and substantial diamond carefully chosen for the solitaire setting. Your diamond’s clarity will be the hallmark of your engagement ring. Emerald cuts bring out the clarity of a diamond, while appearing to be less bright than a brilliant cut diamond. The luster of your stone will be quite apparent in this setting, as well. Pay special attention to diamond quality when shopping for emerald cut rings. If you make the right choice, your stone can outshine even the brightest brilliant diamond ring.



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Jewelry holds different meanings for different people. It can be a symbol of love, like an engagement RING. It can also be art to show best design and quality. These Combination make jewelry different and on high demand. An outstanding piece of jewelry on women that quite commonly presents her in a very traditional refined style.  No glamour here except for that drop dead gorgeous ring!


We want to present that type of ring that can be enjoyed and looked so beautiful; we really want the ring to be comfortable and long lasting. It is important for us to think about whether the ring will always be worn with the engagement ring.women with a glamorous fashion style that did not go unnoticed. Whether she chooses to wear her best diamond earrings or her favorite necklace she always looked spectacular.


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We are delighted to welcome you into the world of Fine Bridal Jewelry New York and rings. We present different type of necklaces, earrings, rings, anklets, bracelets, chains.  Looking the best takes top priority for any women and jewelry forms a big part of it. Each piece of jewelry that she wears is antique and unique. We give you few of the significant ones.

Jewelry is considered fashionable all over the word. Jewelry is an important ornament for all special occasions in women’s life – like wedding, anniversary,Diamond Features New York, birthday party. Jewelry gives women a gorgeous look and brings out a more confidence, style and beauty.Jewelry is also one of the best and expensive gifts that a husband can offer to his wife. There is great variety of different jewelry a man can choose from our site. Jewelry has the ability to highlight women’s personality.


Jewelry brings out the best features when wearing the right jewelry. Jewelry is not only for decoration, it also represents the best investment it is the best safety in time of emergency. So, visit at our site and shop with us because jewelry has a great importance in women’s life. It can make a woman feel special, stylish and beautiful.


Marquise Antique Diamond Rings

Marquise diamonds 18k gold miraculous medal are truly set apart from any other 24k gold wedding bands stone. They draw the eye to exquisite lines of beautiful diamond anniversary rings and achieve incredible brightness of budded cross earring,can you see through a diamond. Pair one of these stones with a striking antique style setting of chain slide in sterling silver, and you have a stylish match that is hard to beat in childrens gold bracelets .

Consider our collection of marquise antique diamond rings for your engagement corpus and revive the legend of Marquise of Pompadour cross post religious earrings . Marquise diamond features engagement rings are attributed to Louis the XIV, the Sun King when he first ordered crafters to create a brilliant cut diamond real or fake that could match the smile of his mistress, Marquise of Pompadour. Marquise antique do diamonds float rings are made to look as arrestingly large as possible. Wearing this cut do diamonds float in water rings tends to project an extrovert, innovative, determined and ambitious personality in you. You will never find any promise rings as strong and elegant as marquise antique diamond rings.

24k gold wedding bands

Owe find the marquise cut to be intriguing does moissanite get cloudy . These stunning stones emerald cut diamond with trillion side stones really find their way into true elegance in antique settings. Perfectly cut diamonds following the royal marquise shape enhances the diamond’s brilliance face of jesus charms. We just call them special face of jesus pendant . When viewed from the top, marquise cut resembles the shape of a sailboat.

The components like crown, pavilion, gemstone crucifixes pendants and the center table are cut in steps making rectangular facets. Such components are made to decrease in size gold purity rings as they approach the center stone providing a great deal of sparkle making the diamond radiate a dazzling spark heart slide in sterling silver. You will never look for engagement vintage rings if you find our marquise royal diamond rings unique settings of new york.


Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Princess Cut Antique Engagement Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

 18k gold miraculous medal

This elegant antique princess cut diamond antique ring is an everlasting piece from the collection in 14K White Gold with a total metal weigh of 11.20 grams. The ring features 0.20 total carat weight side stones in GH color and SI1 clarity. It consists 8 round cut diamond side stones. Select your center diamond stone of your choice in 0.75 carats, choose the quality and size of your diamond and make this exquisite ring a memorable anniversary gift or wedding ring by iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry. For more styles visit our pave ring and solitaire ring collections.

Antique Princess Cut Diamond Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

 18k gold miraculous medal

If you like the antique look this is one of the engagement ring that you should consider. Its elegant and chic in every detail. Designed with delicacy and expertly crafted this three stone 14K white gold ring is set with 1.68 Ctw. sidestones. It has the total metal weight of 6.90 grams. Choose your center diamond stone from the inventory and built your memorable wedding or anniversary gift by iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry. with 0.5 Ct Diamond