Choosing the right wedding band

Everyone who is planning to get married is surfing for some of the most beautiful and precious wedding bands, and why not after all it is one of the most important decisions to take. While searching for bands it is important to realize that you choose the right kind of band which suits your personality and look.


Types of wedding bands

The bands are purchased for the occasion of wedding, which is supposed to be the biggest day of anyone’s life. These bands are sign of marriage and love so it should be chosen with utmost care. One can choose the bands from the below mentioned varieties available in the market;


  • Plain Bands: It is best for those who like to keep it simple or are not fond of big jewelry. Often the plain bands are wedding bands for men who are not too keen to put on heavy jewelry. It is recommended to buy narrow bands such that they can be carried without much discomfort. However if someone is stuck up between designer and plain bands then the best way out for them is hammered wedding bands, which have a subtle design but still are kept simple. It is quite trendy in comparison to the plain wedding bands, and can be chosen as wedding bands for ladies as well.
  • Design Band: Now the choice here varies from person to person, however the only thing which one should keep in mind is that the design keeps on changing with every season. It is best to choose something which you would be able to bear for your whole life. Also the design should be chosen on the basis of your use, if you are thinking of carrying it each day then it will be best if you choose a simple design such that it can be carried anytime of the day without any problem.
  • Yellow or white gold band: Again this is a personal choice. White gold is perfect for those who are not jewelry lovers as it gives a trendier look than the usual jewelry. The choice here is not on the basis of any trend but it is about personal likes and dislikes. Gold band gives a look of pure jewelry hence is preferred more by women.


Ways to choose the band

Buying a wedding band is one of the most expensive decisions you make and this band stays with you for lifetime so it becomes important that the choice is made intelligently. There are many ways through which one can buy some of the unique wedding bands for himself/herself out of which some of them are listed below;


  • It is always good to talk to people who have got married recently as they would be aware of the latest brands and shall be able to help you out to make the selection.
  • Surf through the online websites where you can gain access to some of the unique wedding bands or even scroll down the phone directory to get contact information of the companies who can provide you with some of the latest designs of wedding bands for ladies or wedding bands for men. After collecting the needful information it is always good to visit the showroom and see the designs on your own.
  • I am sure you might have booked a wedding planner for your wedding, so try and consult them. They may guide you to some of the famous showrooms and you may then cross check the places advised by them.
  • After going by the advices of various people, you can then shortlist the bands based on your preferences i.e. looks, brand, price, quality etc.


Above mentioned were some of the simple steps and which can be used for the purchase of wedding bands and shall also help you take the decision wisely.


Get Designer Anklets to Go Fashionable from Traditional

An anklet is the most beautiful accessory which has the perfect blend of tradition and rebellion in it. It is worn around both the ankles but now, the fashionistas like to keep it different. Instead of wearing it over both the ankles, they like to wear it only in one. This piece of jewelry originated in Asia which was worn by the married women to reflect happiness and prosperity. But now, people all over the world like to wear it as a fashion accessory to enhance the beauty of their ankle. Married and unmarried both wear anklets in gold, silver and many other metals.

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

Now a days, the sterling silver anklets have been gaining a lot of popularity and being worn as an accessory in all the occasions. The contemporary anklets are made by using a lot of more materials that includes pearls, glass, gemstones, beads and a lot more.

An anklet can be worn over all the outfits as it has the most ideal blend of contemporary and classic look. From the short dress to the full gown, skirts to jeans, sarees to suits; the ankle bracelets look stunning each time you wear them. Tough the traditional anklets can be worn by only a special class of people, the designer ones can be worn by all the age groups due to the wide choices, collection and patterns. The anklets made with Swarovski or freshwater pearls look elegant can be worn by any age women.

A sterling silver anklet is a perfect gift if you wish to give something really nice to someone who is very close to you. These anklets come in adjustable chain which can be fixed according to the person’s ankle size. Unlike the other type of jewelry, the sterling silver anklets are easier to choose and comes within budget. The simple and cute designs are ought to impress anyone wearing it. Thus, you can be assured to make the person love it whom you gift the stunning piece of anklet.

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

Ibraggiotti fashion ankletheart-rope-anklet

The anklets come in many designs which makes it easier to choose your design according to your personal taste and style. For instance, for an elegant and simple look, you can opt to wear a box chain cross anklet in sterling silver. But, if you show some fun side, then you can choose to wear a fancy cross anklet in sterling silver. This looks hep and cool too. Thus, you have adequate options to choose from which you can wear according to the event, mood and occasion.

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

iBraggiotti has a wide collection of anklets which can be worn in any occasion. These look elegant and sophisticated enhancing your overall look and class. You may even checkout other jewlery offered by for more and better options offered at the minimum cost. The range of ladies wedding bands and eternal bands are simply awesome that comes without digging a hole in your pocket. Thus, checkout now for more options.

Look Beautiful With A Pair of Gemstone Earrings

Jewelry is the most essential part of a woman’s attire. It expresses her persona, taste, beauty and the sense of choice and fashion. Thus, to ensure that you reflect your class in the correct way through jewelry, it is very important to choose the best.

Selecting the right jewelry is an art and not all women have it in them. While buying any jewelry, the buyer should keep in mind a few things so that the best piece is selected. It is very important to choose the jewelry according to the complexion, appearance, occasion and place.

Out of all the jewelry, earrings enjoys a place of preference and pride in a woman’s life. She may do without a bracelet or a chain, but an earring is always a must for her. A pair of earring can be made of any metal or any gemstone. Women these days like to opt for gemstones as these are sophisticated and classy. Some of them like to go with diamonds whereas, others opt for their birth stones which are colorful and dazzling.

gemstone earrings

gemstone earrings

These days, many variety of gemstones earrings are available which comes in hoops, chandeliers, studs, dangles and many more. The type you choose should depend on your complexion and the shape of your face. Occasion also plays a major role in deciding the best earring for you. The long hoops or dangles does not look good in the office, but, these are perfect for any function or party. Simple studs are best for office wear. Diamonds with a few gemstones are great for small event gathering. Thus, each style of gemstone earrings have different class and should be worn only in the perfect time.

gemstone earrings

gemstone earrings

At the time of selecting an earring, make sure that you think about your face too. Long dangling chains and hoops looks best on the round faces only. The small drops are best for long face. Studs looks great on a square faced woman. Whereas, the short dangles go well for a rectangular faced woman. Just like the shape, color also plays a very important role in selecting the gemstone earring. Knowing what color to choose can be frustrating. Thus, it is important to know which color would go best with your complexion.

gemstone earrings

  gemstone earrings

gemstone earrings

gemstone earrings

While you dress up for any occasion, make sure that your gemstone earrings sync with the rest of your jewelry and outfit. If you are wearing a diamond necklace, then prefer wearing diamond earring only. But, beware of overdoing. Too much jewelry can make you look loud and weird. The best would be to leave your neck bare if you wear a long dangle or chunky piece of earring. This will make you look elegant and classy.

If you have been looking for a place to buy a new pair of earring, then look for the most elegant pieces on the web. Many jewelry websites offer jewelry at low costs. But, ensure that you choose the trustworthy firm for your jewelry. These online jewelry merchant offers unique jewelry at the most competitive price. Thus, get the smartest pair of earring for the upcoming event online now!