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Moissanite is a very strong and diverse type of stone unlike any other stones. They are also known with their sparkle and shine. Because of their similarity, they are sometimes mistaken for diamond features. Moissanite is a distinguished extraordinary and affordable alternative to diamonds. Moissanite is generally set in gold jewelry or in platinum or silver jewelry and simply matches with extensive variety of stones. They have the ability to catch and reflect light and often used in fine jewelry as engagement rings, wedding rings, promise rings and romantic anniversary gifts. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry Moissanite collection offers variety of rings in fashion such as silver rings, gold rings and sterling silver rings with best quality and prices. These bridal rings invite you to treasure those beautiful stones for your special days and celebrations.
The perfect moment deserves the perfect moissanite jewelry, be it a gold ring, eternity ring, promise ring, or a white gold ring. Tell the world your own language of love with the engagement ring or wedding ring that speaks most to your heart. Select the most extensive and diverse collection of chic moissanite costume jewelry in antique, classic and modern styles. Our proficient jewelry designers have combined their brilliant and smartest ideas to come up with a unique settings products engagement rings anthology of moissanite rings. Explore other possibilities of magnificent wedding sets, antique rings, engagement rings and diamond jewelry such as diamond earrings, diamond necklace and diamond rings at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry store. Get the most of your selection from the jewelry design that’s marked with the brand of excellence and supreme quality. You are worth the merit because you are precious to us.

If some things keep bothering your mind, ease out your confusion by taking time to communicate with us through our live chat feature. You may want to familiarize yourself with our education section for more information about caring for your priceless gemstones and fabulous jewelries. It is free of charge as we only want to give the superior service to you, our dear customers. If you do navigate our site, prepare to be enchanted with more splendid astonishment. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry carries all awesome Fine bridal jewelry in the universe as antique engagement rings, wedding bands for men, earrings and rings for women and other spectacular ring settings of your choice. With the iBraggiotti trademark, there is absolute world class designer jewelry!

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iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry presents nearly 200 varieties of gemstone pendants in any of authentic gemstones like amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, cultured pearl, cubic zirconia, emerald, garnet, onyx, opal, pearl, peridot, quartz, ruby, sapphire, Swarovski crystal and tanzanite. Our selection of necklaces pendants is truly breathtaking as we only craft the finest fashion jewelry with advanced quality and magnificent beauty and elegance. We host the experienced jewelry designers in the world and so our market of silver jewelry and gold jewelry is truly amazing. Go silver and gift yourself and your loved ones with our remarkable pieces of silver bracelets, silver earrings, silver necklaces, sterling silver rings, and pendants necklaces. Or instead, go for gold and complete your beautiful array of gold necklace, gold pendant, earrings and bracelets. Whether wholesale jewelry or individual pieces, you will never regret obtaining the iBraggiotti brand.

You would love to get your personal custom jewelry or designer jewelry; we have every piece in 14K yellow gold and 14K white gold, 10K yellow gold and sterling silver. You can mix and match any of the genuine gemstones that we offer and create a set of unique, personalized keepsake necklaces and pendants for you and your loved ones. Complete your selection with our spectacular wedding jewelry or bridal jewelry and get the silver rings, lockets, brooches, beads and diamond necklace, silver necklace or gold necklaces of your dreams. Any jewelry design would definitely look awesome for we never settle with anything less than supreme beauty and world class craftsmanship. In the world of jewelry supplies of pendants, necklaces and jewelry online, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry proudly stands out.

Feel free to come in to one of the marvelous online jewelry shops, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry. Know us better by talking with us via our live chat feature. Our friendly customer service personnel will be there to assist you with your needs. If you are hesitant of what to ask you can always choose to visit our education section. It is complete with information regarding the authenticity of our gemstones, how to judge your gemstones based on color, cut and clarity, and tips in caring for your private souvenirs to prolong the life of your precious pieces. When it comes to top rated gemstones pendants, choker necklaces or pendant necklaces and welcoming jewelry making guidelines, our trademark is never understated. Make a comprehensive shopping at one of New York’s best jewelry stores, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry.

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Round Diamond Pave Rings

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Think of a round pave diamond ring as a runway at your favorite airport. When the sun goes down and the lights of the surrounding area begin to burn with a slow intensity, the runway gets difficult to see. If not for rows of simple, low intensity lights bounding each side of the tarmac, it would be difficult to see the target and land an airplane. The sidestones of a channel set or pave diamond engagement ring enhance the ring’s focal point – your center diamond. They make it visible and striking, even in low light conditions. Pave diamond settings can be utterly breathtaking. Tiny diamonds are encrusted along the sides of the engagement bands giving the appearance of a steadfast diamond surface instead of a metal ring band. Such diamonds appear like they are not attached to the metal band the pave setting utilizes minute metal spines to hold the diamonds in place.

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There are plenty of options in engagement diamond rings, but this category is sure to please even the most sophisticated shopper. Depending on how specific your taste is, you will find various subtle arrangements of diamonds accentuating brilliant cut center stones. Pave settings can either go full pave (surrounding the entire band) or half pave (pave is set only until the middle of the band). However, half pave settings enhance the center stone a great deal better than full pave settings. Full pave settings allow the diamonds to radiate an exceptional brilliance but consequently diverting one’s attention from the center diamond. As a matter of fact, stunning diamonds are the key to a beautiful engagement ring. Whereas, an impressive center diamond stone adds exquisiteness to the whole ring setting. The round diamond pave ring setting is your excuse to never finding another more brilliant diamond ring bands.

raphael angel earrings

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our diamond education section is the perfect place to start looking. Answer the important questions like how to determine ring size, or find out what precious metal type is right for you. You will be surprised at how many things you need to know before you buy the diamond rings. Nonetheless, our collection of bridal rings and promise rings include customization services specifically made to suit your needs.

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Our vast anthology of diamond bands, wedding bands and wedding rings are made unique you can never find them in other jewelry stores. So what are you waiting for? If you need help, we are here to lend a hand. Call us or try our live chat feature today. Someone will gladly help you make your dreams come true.

Marquise Antique Diamond Rings

Marquise diamonds 18k gold miraculous medal are truly set apart from any other 24k gold wedding bands stone. They draw the eye to exquisite lines of beautiful diamond anniversary rings and achieve incredible brightness of budded cross earring,can you see through a diamond. Pair one of these stones with a striking antique style setting of chain slide in sterling silver, and you have a stylish match that is hard to beat in childrens gold bracelets .

Consider our collection of marquise antique diamond rings for your engagement corpus and revive the legend of Marquise of Pompadour cross post religious earrings . Marquise diamond features engagement rings are attributed to Louis the XIV, the Sun King when he first ordered crafters to create a brilliant cut diamond real or fake that could match the smile of his mistress, Marquise of Pompadour. Marquise antique do diamonds float rings are made to look as arrestingly large as possible. Wearing this cut do diamonds float in water rings tends to project an extrovert, innovative, determined and ambitious personality in you. You will never find any promise rings as strong and elegant as marquise antique diamond rings.

24k gold wedding bands

Owe find the marquise cut to be intriguing does moissanite get cloudy . These stunning stones emerald cut diamond with trillion side stones really find their way into true elegance in antique settings. Perfectly cut diamonds following the royal marquise shape enhances the diamond’s brilliance face of jesus charms. We just call them special face of jesus pendant . When viewed from the top, marquise cut resembles the shape of a sailboat.

The components like crown, pavilion, gemstone crucifixes pendants and the center table are cut in steps making rectangular facets. Such components are made to decrease in size gold purity rings as they approach the center stone providing a great deal of sparkle making the diamond radiate a dazzling spark heart slide in sterling silver. You will never look for engagement vintage rings if you find our marquise royal diamond rings unique settings of new york.

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Princess Cut Antique Engagement Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

 18k gold miraculous medal

This elegant antique princess cut diamond antique ring is an everlasting piece from the collection in 14K White Gold with a total metal weigh of 11.20 grams. The ring features 0.20 total carat weight side stones in GH color and SI1 clarity. It consists 8 round cut diamond side stones. Select your center diamond stone of your choice in 0.75 carats, choose the quality and size of your diamond and make this exquisite ring a memorable anniversary gift or wedding ring by iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry. For more styles visit our pave ring and solitaire ring collections.

Antique Princess Cut Diamond Ring in 14K Yellow Gold

 18k gold miraculous medal

If you like the antique look this is one of the engagement ring that you should consider. Its elegant and chic in every detail. Designed with delicacy and expertly crafted this three stone 14K white gold ring is set with 1.68 Ctw. sidestones. It has the total metal weight of 6.90 grams. Choose your center diamond stone from the inventory and built your memorable wedding or anniversary gift by iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry. with 0.5 Ct Diamond