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Marquise diamonds are truly set apart from any other stone. They draw the eye to exquisite lines and achieve incredible brightness. Pair one of these stones with a striking antique style setting, and you have a stylish match that is hard to beat. Consider our collection of marquise antique diamond rings for your engagement and revive the legend of Marquise of Pompadour. Marquise diamond engagement rings are attributed to Louis the XIV, the Sun King when he first ordered craters to create a brilliant cut diamond that could match the smile of his mistress, Marquise of Pompadour. Marquise antique diamond rings are made to look as interestingly large as possible. Wearing this cut of diamond rings tends to project an extrovert, innovative, determined and ambitious personality in you. You will never find any promise rings as strong and elegant as marquise antique diamond rings. Owe find the marquise cut to be intriguing. These stunning stones really find their way into true elegance in antique settings. Perfectly cut diamonds following the royal marquise shape enhances the diamond’s brilliance.

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We just call them special. When viewed from the top, marquise cut resembles the shape of a sailboat. The components like crown, pavilion and the center table are cut in steps making rectangular facets. Such components are made to decrease in size as they approach the center stone providing a great deal of sparkle making the diamond radiate a dazzling spark. You will never look for engagement vintage rings if you find our marquise royal diamond rings. Like no other jewelry stores, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry continues to lead as the number one diamond rings shop when it comes to first rate engagement rings as well as bridal sets including men’s wedding rings, and men’s wedding bands. Other than marquise antique diamond rings you can find lovely diamond rings and gold rings in different shapes and sizes. Perhaps you would want to try our princess cut antique engagement rings also preferred for its royalty. Or you may rather visit our education section to know more about the value of the various sizes and cuts of all our gemstones. If you are ready to shop for antique engagement ring but you don’t feel like a marquise cut diamond, consider a pear shaped antique diamond ring. Pear shaped stones blend the marquise cut with a traditional round brilliant cut diamond.

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iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry displays the most stunning combination of emerald cut precious stone rings with sidestones. These jewel wedding bands extend much differing qualities from different offers on the web. A precious stone ring is an image of duty and extreme adoration. She would instantly cherish it in the event that it has some feeling of individual touch. This is the motivation behind why we open the thought of customization to plan a ring that suits your taste. We would love to give you the precious stone ring you will always remember for quite a long time to come. Our wide determination of amazing wedding sets comprise of particular rousing guarantee rings, marriage rings, wedding bands and silver rings all intended to do right by you on your enormous day. We simply comprehend that you need the best thus we offer you the most amazing engagement precious stone rings from our finest gems gathering.


Picking the perfect clarity, shading and cut of your middle precious stone is essential to any wedding band determination. Our precious stone wedding bands with side stones come set with jewels of standard shading and clarity. Since the side stones are little, they can be of lesser quality than the inside precious stone yet highlight it with fabulousness. In the event that you have request about the side stones in any of the things in our wedding accumulation, don’t delay to ask us we would happily redo it as indicated by your wish. Fine adornments is our skill and we want to impart it to you. Similarly as with our entire wedding band area, the things come in different shapes, set with round cut jewels, princess cut precious stones and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Despite everything you have the freedom to pick your optimal focus stone determining your wanted carat weight, shading and clarity. If it’s not too much trouble visit the iBraggiotti Jewelry Custom Shop for more subtle elements.

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Of the countless options on the market, few will dazzle like a marquise pave diamond ring from iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry. We have selected our favorite settings and paired them with singular marquise diamonds to give you this collection. The chic shape of a marquise diamond can make the most of its carat weight giving you a much bolder look of the center diamond. The elongated shape makes her finger look slender and long. Add a touch of royalty to her finger by choosing from our marquise diamond pave rings gallery. The marquise shape is attributed to the Sun King Louis the XIV of France in his desire to create a diamond cut that resembles the smile of his beloved Marquise. Any of the marquise pave diamond rings would definitely look surprisingly awesome on the queen of your heart.


So why choose a ring with side stones? A channel of side stones are glitzy diamonds that embolden the center stone to create a sophisticated glamour to your engagement diamond rings. The marquise pave channel is a setting of diamond stones on the diamond ring bands. These side stones of diamonds are intricately placed in various breathtaking pave set or channel set designs along the diamond bands. Cascading along the chest of the rings, pave and channel set engagement rings offer a distinct level of elegance that enhances the beauty of the center diamond. Your choice of center diamond is accented by rows of distinct diamonds, cut to various sizes and in assorted shapes. In each piece, these stones highlight your investment and lend a fashionable look to your ring.

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Review our selection of settings with side stones, each designed to highlight the natural beauty of the center stone and the elegance of the emerald cut. We love the way emerald cut diamonds look with high fashion clothing accentuated with a pair of diamond earrings. If you have a distinguished taste and sense of style, these rings are perfect for you. Get intimate with our unique design of emerald cut pave diamond rings and seduce her with that burning passion of togetherness. Not only do we offer to create magnificent wedding bands for men but also customize requested wedding rings for men to match her perfectly designed emerald cut diamond pave ring. By customizing with us a diamond ring of your choice you will experience a complete metamorphosis of vision transforming into reality by a simple personal touch. You will discover that it will turn out even better than you have imagined.


What about those people who haven’t hammered out their style yet? If that’s you, you are not alone. Chances are you rarely have an option to pull down “high fashion” in your average week. These rings are great for the casual environment, too. Gemstones go great in groups, and that principle makes these settings a wise choice for any shopper. So shop around now. If you want to compare these rings to a solitaire equivalent, feel free to do so. If we can help in any way, we are only a click away. Use the live chat feature to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable person who wants you to find the best engagement ring ever, without paying too much for it. That’s an exclusive offer unique from all other jewelry stores – a set ring to making diamond bands only at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry.

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Gold pendants never go out of style, magnificence and tastefulness. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry is pleased to introduce our contemporary plans of gold pendants and charms in 18K yellow and white gold and in addition 14k gold. Find that eminent fortune interesting from all other gems shops and express your adoration with extraordinary, many-sided heart, affection and mementos designs. Look over our developing arrangement of luxurious, excellent pendants that each contain a touch of uncommon gold, platinum or sterling silver. Our far reaching variety incorporates crystal gazing, music, professions adornments, craftsmanship, numerals, divine, charm holders, engravable blessings, commemoration endowments, bloom and mother pendants, four leaf clovers, zodiac pendants and some more! Pick any of these for your outfit adornments and taste the advantage of brilliance in your character and uniqueness. Feel the marvelousness of style gems enhancing your eminence and trendy look.


All through the past, pendants and pieces of jewelry have had numerous capacities including the outflow of religious confidence and elite style adornments taste. Here at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry we please our customers with new and dynamic styles of cutting edge adornments outline, grand design explanations in white, yellow and rose gold. We have each bit of gold gems that you require which radiates elegance and excess with brilliant precious stones from gold pieces of jewelry, gold rings and hoops to gold chain and wrist trinkets. Our silver gems determination is likewise another quality to be gloat about with the expansion of silver accessory, armlet, silver rings, pearl neckband, precious stone studs and jewel rings. With the iBraggiotti image of fabulousness, individuals can express their deepest being or make their confidence show in such a variety of ways.

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Pearls never go out of style as there are always special events that are more impressive when commemorated with pearls! Pearls incorporated in promise rings, bridal rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings are a perfect symbol of adoration and compassion to the one you truly love. You will want to hand down a remarkable tradition to your daughter with any of our exquisite selection of gold rings, silver rings and class rings, antique rings, and diamond rings. A pearl ring can be worn everyday to remind a woman of how much she is appreciated by her family. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry turns that dream into reality by customizing a ring design to signify a person’s character and individuality.

Whether you are a pearl aficionado or are just beginning your pearl collection, our marvelous array of pearl rings will always be a choice you will love to make. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry offers only ultimate pieces in classic beauty and affordable jewelry. Be ready to dazzle any room as you enter while wearing the lovely engagement ring, promise ring or wedding ring anytime at your special moment. Once you own any of our remarkable collection, do not hesitate to talk with us live and get response as quickly as possible. You may also browse through our education section for some tips on how to preserve a lifelong keepsake by caring for your precious chattels. You are important to us and we definitely care for you. So we are committed to hand you are first rated customer service as well as excellent fine made jewelry.

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A sterling silver pendant is a great way to express one’s uniqueness in being classy and fashionable. Pendants for necklaces have always been worn to signify personal icon and higher social status. Featuring our diversified styles for costume jewelry, we offer wide assortments of shapes and sizes. If you are a jewelry lover, our ocean of options of wholesale jewelry is perfect for you to right away pick from our jewelry online store. You will want to choose all silver jewelry pieces like silver necklaces, silver rings, silver bracelets and earrings. Or you prefer gold jewelry where you can select from gold necklaces, gold rings, bracelets and many more. Whatever you desire, we will readily attend to your needs as we have friendly and expert staff to assist you anytime.


iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry not only assembles sterling silver with any pure precious metals and genuine gemstones, but also provides top rated customer service to all our clients all over the world. Our live chat connects us with our customers so that we are always accessible anytime they need us. The heart of our ensemble is supreme quality, and fine jewelry is our passion. We also offer the finest diamonds on earth; our diamond jewelry is built for customers who love diamond necklaces, charm bracelets, lockets, cross necklaces, pendant necklaces, heart necklaces, pearl necklaces, choker necklaces or a sterling silver ring. For much detailed information, navigate our education section and get as much knowledge as you desire. Browse through our website and you will get to encounter our whole package of sterling silver pendants in different styles. Cameos, Irish Claddagh, Glass, Marine, Medical, Military, Graduation, Family, Mom, Anniversary Gifts and Zodiac Pendants are just few of them.