Gemstone Pendants

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You would love to get your own custom gems or creator adornments; we have each piece in 14K yellow gold and 14K white gold, 10K yellow gold and sterling silver. You can blend and match any of the bona fide gemstones that we offer and make an arrangement of one of a kind, customized token pieces of jewelry and pendants for you and your friends and family. Complete your choice with our marvelous wedding adornments or marriage gems and get the silver rings, mementos, pins, dabs and precious stone jewelry, silver neckband or gold pieces of jewelry you had always wanted. Any gems outline would search great for we never settle with anything not exactly incomparable excellence and world class craftsmanship. In the realm of adornments supplies of pendants, neckbands and gems on the web, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry gladly emerges.

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Don’t hesitate to come into one of the superb online gems shops, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry. Know us better by conversing with us by means of our live visit highlight. Our well disposed client administration staff will arrive to help you with your requirements. On the off chance that you are reluctant of what to ask you can simply visit our training area. It is finished with data in regards to the legitimacy of our gemstones, how to judge your gemstones taking into account shading, cut and clarity, and tips in tending to your private trinkets to delay the life of your valuable pieces. With regards to first class gemstones pendants, choker pieces of jewelry or pendant neckbands and inviting adornments making rules, our trademark is never downplayed. Make a far reaching shopping at one of New York’s best gems stores, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry.


Fine Bridal Jewelry | Diamond Features


Coordinating a band to delightful rings like these can be a resolute test. How would you realize that you’re ring will look right beside the wedding ring you have chosen? Examine our wedding sets. A hefty portion of our flawless side stone wedding bands have as of now been combined with the ideal band. Our popular engagement precious stone rings are realistic either as great rings for men or Unique Settings NYC as to a great degree fabulous rings for ladies. All our wedding rings are carefully outlined and hand made by very prepared ring authorities to make immortally exquisite guarantee rings that will clearly stand the test of time. See all jewel rings engagement spring up with our intelligent collection of obsolescent rings and marriage sets. You will come to encounter a great feeling and she will put a sweet grin all over while you wear her most loved jewel ring on her finger.


You will love the immense arrangement you get on purchasing our princess cut precious stone clear rings combined with the ideal band, and you will get them in the meantime. No taking out of your occupied calendar to go get a wedding ring. What’s more, no stresses with reference to whether they will look great together. We have effectively dealt with that. So do you’re shopping with awesome certainty on our items. We never settle for anything not exactly our maxim of duty for perfection, quality and aggressive cost. Absolutely never take our pledge for it but instead do your own shrewd shopping at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry Jesus Christ Pendant . We urge every one of our customers to contrast quality and costs and other gems stores and find how our rings for engagement could thoroughly change their life.

Marquise Pave Diamond Ring | Trillion Solitaire Engagement Ring


Of the countless options on the market, few will dazzle like a marquise pave diamond ring from iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry. We have selected our favorite settings and paired them with singular marquise diamonds to give you this collection. The chic shape of a marquise diamond can make the most of its carat weight giving you a much bolder look of the center diamond. The elongated shape makes her finger look slender and long. Add a touch of royalty to her finger by choosing from our marquise diamond pave rings gallery. The marquise shape is attributed to the Sun King Louis the XIV of France in his desire to create a diamond cut that resembles the smile of his beloved Marquise. Any of the marquise pave diamond rings would definitely look surprisingly awesome on the queen of your heart.


So why choose a ring with side stones? A channel of side stones are glitzy diamonds that embolden the center stone to create a sophisticated glamour to your engagement diamond rings. The marquise pave channel is a setting of diamond stones on the diamond ring bands. These side stones of diamonds are intricately placed in various breathtaking pave set or channel set designs along the diamond bands. Cascading along the chest of the rings, pave and channel set engagement rings offer a distinct level of elegance that enhances the beauty of the center diamond. Your choice of center diamond is accented by rows of distinct diamonds, cut to various sizes and in assorted shapes. In each piece, these stones highlight your investment and lend a fashionable look to your ring.

Choosing the right wedding band

Everyone who is planning to get married is surfing for some of the most beautiful and precious wedding bands, and why not after all it is one of the most important decisions to take. While searching for bands it is important to realize that you choose the right kind of band which suits your personality and look.


Types of wedding bands

The bands are purchased for the occasion of wedding, which is supposed to be the biggest day of anyone’s life. These bands are sign of marriage and love so it should be chosen with utmost care. One can choose the bands from the below mentioned varieties available in the market;


  • Plain Bands: It is best for those who like to keep it simple or are not fond of big jewelry. Often the plain bands are wedding bands for men who are not too keen to put on heavy jewelry. It is recommended to buy narrow bands such that they can be carried without much discomfort. However if someone is stuck up between designer and plain bands then the best way out for them is hammered wedding bands, which have a subtle design but still are kept simple. It is quite trendy in comparison to the plain wedding bands, and can be chosen as wedding bands for ladies as well.
  • Design Band: Now the choice here varies from person to person, however the only thing which one should keep in mind is that the design keeps on changing with every season. It is best to choose something which you would be able to bear for your whole life. Also the design should be chosen on the basis of your use, if you are thinking of carrying it each day then it will be best if you choose a simple design such that it can be carried anytime of the day without any problem.
  • Yellow or white gold band: Again this is a personal choice. White gold is perfect for those who are not jewelry lovers as it gives a trendier look than the usual jewelry. The choice here is not on the basis of any trend but it is about personal likes and dislikes. Gold band gives a look of pure jewelry hence is preferred more by women.


Ways to choose the band

Buying a wedding band is one of the most expensive decisions you make and this band stays with you for lifetime so it becomes important that the choice is made intelligently. There are many ways through which one can buy some of the unique wedding bands for himself/herself out of which some of them are listed below;


  • It is always good to talk to people who have got married recently as they would be aware of the latest brands and shall be able to help you out to make the selection.
  • Surf through the online websites where you can gain access to some of the unique wedding bands or even scroll down the phone directory to get contact information of the companies who can provide you with some of the latest designs of wedding bands for ladies or wedding bands for men. After collecting the needful information it is always good to visit the showroom and see the designs on your own.
  • I am sure you might have booked a wedding planner for your wedding, so try and consult them. They may guide you to some of the famous showrooms and you may then cross check the places advised by them.
  • After going by the advices of various people, you can then shortlist the bands based on your preferences i.e. looks, brand, price, quality etc.


Above mentioned were some of the simple steps and which can be used for the purchase of wedding bands and shall also help you take the decision wisely.

Classy Wedding Rings and Bands

Marriage is the sacred thread that entwines souls in a journey that traverses forever. Millions of couples wait for this big day of their life to commence and they take meticulous efforts to adorn the occasion. The bride navigates through a wide collection of ravishing and gorgeous attires and groom looks for best suits and apparels. Apart from the apparels wedding rings and bands are also a curious pick of the couple. They wish their rings to stand different and make a memorable piece of wear. Diamond rings are the latest trends of wedding wears that makes a spectacular display on fingers. Girls are wooed at the very thought of diamond and hence men make it a note to search for elite and sleek designs of diamond rings with a wonderful finish.

Ibraggiotti Rings

                      Ibraggiotti Rings

Millions of people prior starting their lives often get baffled with the type of wedding bands and rings to choose for their partners.A wide collection and range of wedding bands are available in the market but if you are looking for a gorgeous and lavish wedding ceremony then your choice must epitomize class and elegance. Diamond rings at attractive prices are displayed in showrooms and jewelry shops that captivateswould be marrying couples. Everyone craves for classic and hand crafted wedding diamond rings with unique design and carvings. People even prefer to emboss their partner’s name in the rings to give it a touch of passionate love. Men’s wedding bands have elegant carvings and marvelous etching throughout the complete ring. Art gets it form in these rings and they make an irresistible choice.

Ibraggiotti Wedding Bands

Ibraggiotti Wedding Bands

A wide variety of rings and wedding bands have stones embedded in them. Men’s wedding bands have gems or other precious stones embedded. Black diamonds, color gemstones, lavender sapphires are some of the jaw-dropping picks of wedding rings and bands.Eternity rings come with such wonderful amalgamations of precious stones. Gold embroidery and emerald stones are also a classy taste. Rubies, color diamonds or pink sapphires synchronize with the attire and wedding theme.Adding a white gold or rose gold gives a modish touch to the rings and wedding bands and it offers both uniqueness and taste in its appearance. People also prefer to give their personal designs and make the ring more special for their beloved. Lacy finishes also look gracefulon brides’ fingers. They have complicated touches and makethe design more intricate and fascinating. Golden lines with lacy finishes are the buzz in market now.

Wedding bands

                      Wedding bands

Wedding rings and bands understand the forever love between passionate souls and hence they are designed with taste and class. The colossal range of wedding bands gives you a choice from multitude options that make a perfect piece of selection for your big day in life. A piece of contemporary design or art is also a unique wish on wedding rings. It marks grandeur in its appearance and adorns the occasion with a symbolic meaning. Properly finished lines amalgamated with more intricate designs are now made possible with technology. Hand crafted rings with stones studded are the popular choice nowadays. If you are planning to give a unique look you should try your own designs and visit illustrious and reputed jewelry shops that shall help you get the best lucrative work at the right price. Diamond and stone studded rings embellishes your big day and makes beautiful memories. It also signifies faith and trust that you wrap in the gesture of ring ceremony and invigorate your relation. So give your partner the best ring and mark the inception of marriage of your marriage with grace and class.

Earrings to Enhance Your Beauty & Style

Earrings is a must for any women irrespective of their age. If she is a college scholar, a housewife, or a working woman; earring is something which is ought to be found on her ears enhancing the beauty of the face. In fact, earrings are the only jewelry pieces which are allowed in the educational institutes.


You will find variety of designs of earrings and they are tried and tested well by the women belonging to different age groups of different communities. According to today’s times, earrings have become a style and trend among the guys too.


Metallic earrings- Such earrings as the name suggests are made of different metals. Gold earrings, platinum earrings and silver earrings are the common metals used in making these earrings. In fact, alloys of variety of metals such as bronze and copper are used in making the vogue earrings. The gold earrings have timeless charm and are the classical favorite of almost every woman. They can be molded in to different shapes and an array may probably be saved. Studs and tops are desired when it comes to normal wears. These are very easy and simple to dress in as well as keep. Because they stay shut according to your figure and cannot drop easily.


Hoops- Well hoops are again another form which is used by the women of all the age groups frequently. These jewelry pieces appear in the multiple dimensions along with the diameters differing from centimeter to a number of centimeters. Some of the substantial hoops are normally made from silver, copper, platinum and other delicate metals. Hoops undoubtedly look very classy and elegant when they are little and they look trendy when they are big or large. Hoops or earrings in platinum are very fashionable. They have lot of demand in the market because they have exceptional energy and fantastic look.


Stud earrings- The stud earrings are very much popular among the females belonging to different age groups. Studs in the diamonds are stylishly outstanding. When compared studs to different stone earrings are more striking. Studded earrings have only one diamond piece or any other type of stone which is being used. In the beaded variations, very small pieces of the stone are being used. Patterned earrings together with different stone of different sizes and shapes are used to make some eye-catching jewelry. Rubies, emerald, coral and pearls are fully used in making fashion costume jewelry or stylish ornaments. Fashion jewelry is actually a new notion among the youthful brigade of the present. These occur in modern as well as classic designs and females generally maintain a collection of the style add ones. Well the white stone jewelry is actually a shade appreciated by all the ladies of age teams. White stone turning graceful in the visual appeal and make the most beautiful earrings which further complement different attires.


Dangles- This is among the most diverse sort of earrings, probably dangles are the most special jewelry patterns. This jewelry stands out among all the jewelry pieces. These are probably shaped irregularly and most of the young girls have a liking for dangles. When you wear any heavy dress then dangles complements it very well because they are quite massive in dimensions. Generally females do not use dangles frequently; they put it during special events only. Dangles are normally created from gold, silver and platinum as well as devoid of diamonds and other precious stones.


Thus, the earrings make the best accessory to enhance the beauty of a woman tremendously. The diverse range of earrings have helped them to have something different in all occasions making them look beautiful and elegant always.

Perfect Wedding Bands to Tie the Knot Till Eternity

Are you wondering about choosing special wedding bands for your wedding? If yes, then this is the perfect place to begin your search with. When you are a sole coordinator for the event like wedding then its important to choose a perfect wedding bands which impresses your better half and keeps it all life long as a symbol of togetherness and love.


Planning for a wedding is definitely a big affair for the couples. There are big and small details on which the organizer has to work upon. The most important part of planning process is to arrange for a perfect wedding band.


Here are the leading 5 kinds of marriage rings for the women which you should consider. Reads on to know them:


  1. Carved wedding band: This is a general variation around classic wedding band style, these bands features range of styles as well as patterns carved along the rings, giving an artistry touch even without making ring showy or bad chosen for putting it everyday. The best kinds of the carved bands use uncomplicated yet the stylish model that is different from them at any point of time. Carved wedding bands are offered at many online stores as well as various offline supplies. The most liked carved bands are platinum rings, yellow gold and white gold. Yellow and white gold blend is one of the typical carving styles.


Carved wedding band

Ibraggiotti Carved wedding band

  1. Three stone: Well this fashion rings for the women who believes in the concept that owning a ring which is both spectacular and wearable. The diamonds embedded in the three stone wedding ring types are usually set in the bezels, or may be in situations, heavier than the usual prongs, enabling safety measures and also help to curb the requirement for the upkeep. Wedding rings for the women with more than 3 stones are also available however three stone ranges usually delivers best blends of style and worth.


Three stone wedding band

  1. Eternity wedding rings: People also buy this type of rings for the post-wedding events. These bands are changing in to best alternative rings for the marriage ceremony. They have 360 degree diamond embedded and are extremely spectacular. With the range of such eternity band dimensions are available out there, we actually feel that 25 as well as 50 carat varieties can be the most smashing one because of the kind of combination for convenience and value being used.


Eternity wedding rings

  1. Classic wedding bands: These bands are the most preferable rings among all the females and the reason is their inherent positive aspects i.e. durability, price, convenience. Nowadays you will get to know about the measurements as well as types offered in the market which makes every bride sure that she will get her match. When all the other alternatives fail, this wedding ring style fulfills the entire gap and gives you a style that is worth spending.


Ibraggiotti Classic wedding bands

Nowadays you will find best jewelry on the internet which offers different marriage ceremony rings to suit females having different taste and style. When you buy an expensive item from any internet store then it is obvious then you will take time to trust that particular website, so we would suggest you to go through the reviews of the people who have recently done shopping from that site because that gives you an idea whether the site is reliable or not.