Diamond Features

Platinum being 95% pure is considered to be a privileged metal. Very white in color, it does not need to be rhodium plated like white gold. It is dense and heavy, so you will certainly feel a platinum ring heavier on your finger than an 18K gold ring. Its rareness, endurance and purity compose its allure making it crowned worldwide as the King of Metals. Platinum, being more expensive than gold, is popular mostly among rich and famous. You can buy platinum rings at a price more than double as that of 18K white gold rings. This sophisticated appealing metal is mainly used for ladies wedding rings, mens wedding bands and engagement rings. For many generations and at the heart of countless love stories, platinum has been the most handpicked metal to commemorate special precious moments between couples. Platinum becomes your living witness of that one pure love coming true.

Copy of Ichthus Fish Jewelry

iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry proffers a wide selection of unique love bands with insurmountable quality and exquisite designs beyond compare. Browse our exclusively selected platinum rings for variety of styles in fashion; you will simply be amazed with their beauty and shine.

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