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A Modern Cut of Engagement Ring

Have you ever wondered how an oval pave diamond ring would look on your finger? It’s not the type of thing most people dream about, but the look is truly one of a kind. A modified version of the traditional round cut, oval diamonds put emphasis on long, slender fingers. Their elliptical shape appears bigger than a round diamond of the same carat weight which boasts for a beautiful engagement ring. Consider one of these beautiful pieces if you are thinking outside the box. Get your own ring design of the oval pave diamond rings series. A diamond ring for a wedding set that is meant to be with you forever deserves to be sophisticatedly created. While it sets a timeless union of two couples committed in love, it likewise represents mutual love in the past, present and future. Of course, these rings come in a box like all of the others!

So what sets these beautiful pieces apart from the rest? The oval shaped diamond is known for its attractiveness and versatility, particularly for round body types. Pair it with bold lines of diamond side stones that lead the eye straight to the center stone. The channel setting allows diamonds to settle into a channel in a smooth look that makes them appear free standing. Channel set rings are perfect for magnificent diamond ring bands. The pave setting, on the other hand, inserts diamonds into small, pre-formed holes that seem almost level to the surface of the ring, another perfect setting for engagement diamond rings. Rings with pave or channel set and with oval diamonds in the center are a timeless choice for your diamond engagement rings.

For shoppers who are new to jewelry, we recommend a quick look at our resource designed just for you. Our education section has everything you need to become an informed smart shopper. At iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry you will get to know all types of magnificent rings and spectacular genuine stones from beautiful antique rings and elegant oval diamond pave rings to gorgeous bridal rings and stunning promise rings. You will also discover our marvelous collection of glittery diamond bands, dazzling diamond earrings and awesome wedding bands as well as shimmering wedding rings like you have never encountered in other prestigious jewelry stores before. With appropriate and satisfactory knowledge, you will never lose sight of such beautiful, timeless collection, only at New York’s best!


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Strengthen your relationship with our phenomenal selection of emerald cut diamond solitaire rings and design your love with the ring of your dreams. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry hosts an incredible selection of diamond engagement rings that surpasses timeless beauty and magical quality. Our emerald cut diamonds are named after emerald gemstones. The reason for this seeming misnomer is that the cut is most commonly implemented on emeralds. However, this tendency has no bearing on its success in diamond gemstone cutting. The cut is stunning in diamond engagement settings. Emerald cut is a step cut, in that the outlines are rectangular. The facets, or other planes created in the cutting process, are similarly linear, and they run parallel to the stone’s girdle. This unique style sets it apart from most cuts on the market, including some of the fanciest shapes like pear or marquise.

From traditional to contemporary to classic settings, we offer the perfect combination of diamonds and engagement rings setting. You can create your ideal ring and make it your everlasting masterpiece with our exceptional options of marvelous engagement diamond rings. Whether you want antique engagement rings or modern promise rings we will give you an heirloom diamond with 100% guarantee of peace of mind. Our spectacular edition of bridal rings is highly renowned for an exemplary and substantial diamond carefully chosen for the solitaire setting. Your diamond’s clarity will be the hallmark of your engagement ring. Emerald cuts bring out the clarity of a diamond, while appearing to be less bright than a brilliant cut diamond. The luster of your stone will be quite apparent in this setting, as well. Pay special attention to diamond quality when shopping for emerald cut rings. If you make the right choice, your stone can outshine even the brightest brilliant diamond ring.



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Three Stone Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Freindship Day  From ibraggiotti

A friend is SWEET when it’s NEW,
It’s SWEETER when it’s TRUE,
It’s SWEETEST when it’s YOU.
!!Happy Friendship Day!!

FRIEND means–
F=Free from all formalities
R=Right to say any thing
I=In anyway
E=Either good or bad
N=No sorry no thanx
D=Daatnaa peetnaa allowed 24 hours

****Happy Friendship Day Form ibraggiotti****


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Mark the important milestones in your life with our amazing set of gorgeous oval diamond three stone rings. Three stone rings are an ideally set ring designed neither too much nor too little. The two diamond stones in either side strongly accentuate a brilliant center stone, resulting to an extremely glamorous look. The three stones carry the symbol of the three phases of love – past, present and future. Your love story is a living witness of one true love that is meant to last till eternity. Oval shape is a contemporary blueprint to the common round diamond. Just in time to blend with the present trend, oval three stone rings make a splendid gift for an engagement ring, a promise ring, a wedding ring or any bridal ring. Oval shape is a chic design for a diamond ring so you will always be confident that you never go out of style in your engagement proposal.

iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry offers an extensive collection of engagement diamond rings as well as wedding rings, promise rings, engagement rings and bridal rings. You will never lose any chance of getting the perfect diamond ring, which she has wished all her life. We can tailor according to her taste and provide you with diamond rings that will drop your jaw with wonder. Quality is of utmost important to us which guarantees that we do not ship cheap rings or any rings for men and rings for women that did not pass our scrupulous standards. We value everyone’s desire for a first rate diamond ring with certified cut, color and clarity. And for that we market only world class bridal sets, wedding bands, diamond engagement rings and diamond ring bands.


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The diamond industry has seen an engagement ring renaissance, starting around the turn of the third millennium. Gorgeous rings modeled after timeless counterparts nearly one hundred years old, these round antique style diamond rings are uniquely you. No matter your style, you can find your perfect match in our round antique diamond rings. .

From pave settings to channel set rings with side stones, each of these engagement rings feature a brilliant cut center stone. They are called “brilliant” because they reflect so much light. It will stand out above the rest with one of our exquisite antique round diamond rings.

If you are looking for an old ring that someone famous might have worn, we cannot help you. All of our rings are brand new, manufactured right here in New York City. From pave settings to channel set rings with side stones, each of these engagement rings features a brilliant cut center stone. They’re called “brilliant” because they refract so much light.


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We keep abreast with the latest in technology. Say goodbye to rejection with our brand new collection of round antique diamond rings. You are up to shine so do not miss the chance. Let us help you find your ring today! Our online jewelry store is open 24/7. Check out our diamond education section to read on some of our customers’ most common questions. And, do not hesitate to get back to us anytime if you want for more information; we have excellent customer representatives ready at your service.



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It is easy to imagine what a heart shaped diamond might connote: love, faithfulness and commitment. There are few symbols as sacred and as enduring as the heart. Our supreme collection of unique, splendid antique engagement rings, promise rings, wedding rings and engagement rings make use of this heart design. With heart shaped diamond rings, you can embody the character your gold ring represents, while symbolizing your commitment with the time-honored tradition of a diamond ring. A perfectly shaped heart represents pure love. How sweet it is to make heart diamond solitaire rings an engagement present for the special lady in your heart. Certainly, there is no other word to express how you feel knowing that such feeling comes from the bottom of your heart. The diamond engagement ring will speak for itself, which is how your lady will fathom your deepest emotions.


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Aside from Gold Pendants, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry never stays behind with our glorious exhibit of rings, slides, neckbands, studs, chains, arm ornaments and embellishments. With a huge number of assortments in store you can simply inquire about online which one suits you best. Try not to dither to associate with us; our live talk client administration agent is constantly prepared to help you at whatever time. We take into account all types of inquiries identified with pendant accessories, wholesale gems, charms and dabs, silver or sterling silver, or anything about sterling silver. Don’t hesitate to explore our site to get a thought of your favored jewelry with pendant and you will be flabbergasted at what number of alternatives exist. You will wind up needing to get everything as they are all marvelous directly in front of you.

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Each of the globules and charms and pendants are special in their own particular style, shape, shading and cost. Handpicked by master experts, the iBraggiotti trademark is known for magnificence and top of the line quality. Our awesome choices contain about each pendant neckband or appeal for armlet comprehensible and a blend of the extraordinary. Customize your pendants and charms with our unlimited blends to create a souvenir that is particularly you. You can run for great excellence with our jewel pendants or pick the fun and chic gemstone pendants. Our pendant pieces of jewelry add a noteworthy length to a generally frump top. Our silver and sterling silver accessories offer an insight of fragile sparkle to any style. So fulfill your taste and match your outfit with our enormous determination of awesome charms and pendants. On the off chance that it is an iBraggiotti brand, realize that it is world class.