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Gold pendants never go out of style, beauty and elegance. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry is proud to present our contemporary designs of gold pendants and charms in 18K yellow and white gold as well as 14k gold. Find that heavenly treasure unique from all other jewelry shops and express your love with exceptional, intricate heart, love and lockets patterns. Choose from our growing series of lavish, high quality pendants that each contain a touch of rare gold, platinum or sterling silver. Our comprehensive assortment includes astrology, music, careers jewelry, art, numerals, celestial, charm holders, engravable gifts, anniversary gifts, flower and mom pendants, good luck charms, zodiac pendants and many more! Pick any of these for your costume jewelry and taste the luxury of radiance in your character and uniqueness. Feel the glamour of fashion jewelry enriching your magnificence and fashionable look.


All through the past, pendants and necklaces have had many functions including the expression of religious faith and exclusive fashion jewelry taste. Here at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry we delight our clients with fresh and vibrant styles of modern jewelry design, marvelous fashion statements in white, yellow and rose gold. We have every piece of gold jewelry that you need which exudes grace and extravagance with high quality diamonds from gold necklaces, gold rings and earrings to gold chain and bracelets. Our silver jewelry selection is also another splendor to be brag about with the addition of silver necklace, bracelet, silver rings, pearl necklace, diamond earrings and diamond rings. With the iBraggiotti symbol of excellence, people can express their innermost being or make their faith manifest in so many ways.

Our gold pendants and charms are finely crafted to go beyond traditional styles in pendant necklaces such as cross necklace, gold necklace and gold pendant, as well as in other spectacular wholesale jewelry consisting of charm bracelets, earrings, engagement rings and wedding rings. All these body jewelry pieces are made to depict themes and subjects that are dear and near to people’s hearts. Our doors are open to all potential and repeat online consumers and we continuously strive to offer you only the finest quality at the most affordable price that you desire. Shop now at our online jewelry store and obtain the most glorious necklace pendant of your dreams. Our welcoming representatives are ready to answer your queries anytime at your own convenience. Talk with us live and finally end your quest here at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry.

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Our index of diamond engagement bands, come in various styles and settings. Connect with us and our expert team will hand craft the ring of your choice perfectly customized to suit your needs in order to hand you the brand new rings you can never find elsewhere. You can also choose from our preset items offered in fancy matching diamond matching band, matching engagement band, and bridal pave engagement band all in 14K yellow gold or the fashion matching bridal band in 14K white gold. Reasonably priced, surpassing quality over the years, the iBraggiotti brand is one of a kind. So are you still wondering where to find Unique Settings Of New York Prices

engagement rings. See our spectacular collection of engagement diamond rings and select which one would represent your enduring love and commitment. Discover all the possible options of diamond and engagement ring settings for a better selection of your perfect fit. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry presents you with hundreds of beautiful ring settings and thousands of brilliant diamonds in stylish and unique cuts and shapes. All products are guaranteed safe and of high quality and all our diamonds are assured to be authentic and certified. Set apart one flawlessly customized setting of diamond for engagement ring to bind your commitment of lifetime togetherness. Feel the magic that our splendid collection can bestow on you. Crafted from human hands of highly skilled professional ring makers, we are confident to give you the perfect handmade customized princess cut diamond engagement bands.

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Are you a modern era girl blessed with strong , independent,shiny,confident nature ready to capture the world then you better deserves some thing unique and special to express yourself. In this case what else can beat ” DIAMONDS”.
Diamonds are colourless in nature but definitely reflects all the colour of your heart.
Eating carrots may increase your eye power but the real shine will be enhanced with each carat of Diamond.
Ancient man are known to create fire by rubbing stones but today girls can create spark everywhere by wearing diamonds.
So girls, stop by waiting for others to charm you by giving presents. Buck up and start new chapter of your life , praise yourself by gifting a fine Diamond jewellery piece. Because Diamonds are pure , devotional & precious just like a girl’s heart.