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Marquise Diamond Rings with Sidestones

A Grand Engagement Ring for Your Queen

Every lady makes a queen in every man’s life. You would want to give the greatest gift of love to your special woman soon to be your wife; surely it should be the perfect diamond engagement ring. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry values this desire of every couple wanting to bind themselves with the symbol of eternal union. So we present to you our diamond rings with side stones that feature not only magnificent diamonds but also design elements that are truly unique. Distinct from the three stone diamond setting, our engagement diamond rings with side stones are designed to highlight a single center stone. Your diamond will visually pop from a backdrop of sparkling diamonds as these side stones accentuate the brilliant center stone. Tailored at your request to fit any size or shape of center stone, our collection of timeless, elegant and quality engagement rings utilize common techniques in mounting the side stones which include channel and pave settings.

A diamond ring with the channel setting flushes diamonds at the sides of the ring between two strips of gold or platinum metal without prongs between the stones. The strips are almost invisible making the diamonds appear free standing at the sides of the diamond ring band. Channel set rings draw visual lines that lead to the center stone, putting much more emphasis on its brilliance and grand look. Pave set diamond rings utilize tinier diamonds which cover the sides of the engagement band. These diamonds are very small and are often held in place with small prongs or beads. Nearly similar to channel set, the metal band in pave settings barely shows through.

Featuring quality marquise diamond rings with sidestones, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry rates clarity, color and cut of your center diamond as a top priority in the diamond engagement ring selections. Our diamond engagement rings with side stones come set with stones of standard color and clarity. Although the side stones are small and they can be of lesser quality than the center diamond, they still accentuate the center stone with extreme luster. You will be amazed at how your queen bears the marquise diamond ring with pride and glory. So if you have questions about the side stones in any of the items in our bridal collection, please contact us. Fine jewelry is what we are good at and we love to share it with you. We definitely have much to offer ; our finest set of bridal rings, promise rings, wedding bands and wedding rings, gold rings, diamond earrings and any diamond and settings of your choice. Not all jewelry stores offer the diamond rings of beauty and elegance that can withstand the test of time.


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Princess Cut Diamond Pave Rings

Princess Pave Diamond Rings Get the Royal Treatment

A princess cut pave diamond ring is adorned with shimmering gemstones, just like jewelry of royalty. She will feel like a princess in any of these illustrious pieces. Boasting the square cut diamond, our channel set or pave rings are well appointed with high quality side stones. All our diamond engagement rings are phenomenal. She definitely can’t stop showing it off. The pave settings are celebrated as half pave or full pave. Half pave diamonds are set at one half the circumference of the diamond band which is a perfect setting to emphasize the presence of the center cut stone. Full pave diamonds are set around the entire circumference of the engagement ring band. Diamonds in this setting glitter like shining stars in the sky at an utterly still night. Such brilliance accentuates her inner soul amidst an extraordinarily quiet evening.

Matching a band to beautiful rings like these can be a steadfast challenge. How do you know that your ring will look right next to the wedding band you have selected? Take a look at our wedding sets. Many of our lovely side stone engagement rings have already been paired with the perfect band. Our famous engagement diamond rings are obtainable either as superb rings for men or as extremely terrific rings for women. All our bridal rings are meticulously designed and hand crafted by highly trained ring specialists to create timelessly elegant promise rings that will surely stand the test of time. See all diamond rings engagement come to life with our interactive anthology of antique rings and bridal sets. You will come to experience an awesome feeling and she will put a sweet smile on her face while you wear her favorite diamond ring on her finger.

You will love the great deal you get on buying our princess cut diamond pave rings coupled with the perfect band, and you will receive them at the same time. No taking out of your busy schedule to go find a wedding band. And no worries as to whether they will look good together. We have already taken care of that. So do your shopping with great confidence on our products. We never settle for anything less than our motto of commitment for excellence, quality and competitive price. Don’t ever take our word for it but rather do your own smart shopping at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry. We encourage all our clients to compare quality and prices with other jewelry stores and discover how our rings for engagement could totally change their life.


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A Modern Cut of Engagement Ring

Have you ever wondered how an oval pave diamond ring would look on your finger? It’s not the type of thing most people dream about, but the look is truly one of a kind. A modified version of the traditional round cut, oval diamonds put emphasis on long, slender fingers. Their elliptical shape appears bigger than a round diamond of the same carat weight which boasts for a beautiful engagement ring. Consider one of these beautiful pieces if you are thinking outside the box. Get your own ring design of the oval pave diamond rings series. A diamond ring for a wedding set that is meant to be with you forever deserves to be sophisticatedly created. While it sets a timeless union of two couples committed in love, it likewise represents mutual love in the past, present and future. Of course, these rings come in a box like all of the others!

So what sets these beautiful pieces apart from the rest? The oval shaped diamond is known for its attractiveness and versatility, particularly for round body types. Pair it with bold lines of diamond side stones that lead the eye straight to the center stone. The channel setting allows diamonds to settle into a channel in a smooth look that makes them appear free standing. Channel set rings are perfect for magnificent diamond ring bands. The pave setting, on the other hand, inserts diamonds into small, pre-formed holes that seem almost level to the surface of the ring, another perfect setting for engagement diamond rings. Rings with pave or channel set and with oval diamonds in the center are a timeless choice for your diamond engagement rings.

For shoppers who are new to jewelry, we recommend a quick look at our resource designed just for you. Our education section has everything you need to become an informed smart shopper. At iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry you will get to know all types of magnificent rings and spectacular genuine stones from beautiful antique rings and elegant oval diamond pave rings to gorgeous bridal rings and stunning promise rings. You will also discover our marvelous collection of glittery diamond bands, dazzling diamond earrings and awesome wedding bands as well as shimmering wedding rings like you have never encountered in other prestigious jewelry stores before. With appropriate and satisfactory knowledge, you will never lose sight of such beautiful, timeless collection, only at New York’s best!


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Emerald cut antique diamond rings are beautiful settings that highlight the unique qualities of emerald cut stones. Since the step cuts accentuate the clarity of a stone, an antique setting with extra detail and side stones adds brilliance and depth to the piece. Each emerald antique engagement ring is designed to be work for years. Emerald cut diamonds rectangular shapes, makes them step cut stones. They are set apart from other shapes, such as pear or marquise.

These three stone step cut pieces make beautiful engagement rings. The term “emerald cut” originated from the cutting of the true gemstone, emerald, which later was applied to diamonds. It refers to a step cut in a rectangular shape with clipped-off corners. Compared to round cut it is less fiery and brilliant but tends to radiate broader, intense flashes of light. Its only main setback is the cut’s tendency to display color weakness and cut flaws, associated with the openness of the cut.

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings create an edge through its big flat table situated at the top of the ring. Such large facet highlights the diamond’s clarity and beauty. They are not traditionally looking like the round cut diamond rings and they are not as trendy as the princess cut antique rings. However, emerald cut antique diamond rings can be obtained in extremely fine qualities as well as in very affordable prices. Before thinking of getting wedding rings, wedding bands or any bridal rings, try these promise rings first. Have your fiancée ware it with matching diamond earrings which will look gracefully sophisticated on her. Looking for the brand with the finest quality? Do your smart shopping at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry. We offer not only magnificent diamond rings but also dramatic gold rings at the quality and price you will never get from other jewelry stores.


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Review our selection of settings with side stones, each designed to highlight the natural beauty of the center stone and the elegance of the emerald cut. We love the way emerald cut diamonds look with high fashion clothing accentuated with a pair of diamond earrings. If you have a distinguished taste and sense of style, these rings are perfect for you. Get intimate with our unique design of emerald cut pave diamond rings and seduce her with that burning passion of togetherness. Not only do we offer to create magnificent wedding bands for men but also customize requested wedding rings for men to match her perfectly designed emerald cut diamond pave ring. By customizing with us a diamond ring of your choice you will experience a complete metamorphosis of vision transforming into reality by a simple personal touch. You will discover that it will turn out even better than you have imagined.

What about those people who haven’t hammered out their style yet? If that’s you, you are not alone. Chances are you rarely have an option to pull down “high fashion” in your average week. These rings are great for the casual environment, too. Gemstones go great in groups, and that principle makes these settings a wise choice for any shopper. So shop around now. If you want to compare these rings to a solitaire equivalent, feel free to do so. If we can help in any way, we are only a click away. Use the live chat feature to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable person who wants you to find the best engagement ring ever, without paying too much for it. That’s an exclusive offer unique from all other jewelry stores – a set ring to making diamond bands only at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry.


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Strengthen your relationship with our phenomenal selection of emerald cut diamond solitaire rings and design your love with the ring of your dreams. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry hosts an incredible selection of diamond engagement rings that surpasses timeless beauty and magical quality. Our emerald cut diamonds are named after emerald gemstones. The reason for this seeming misnomer is that the cut is most commonly implemented on emeralds. However, this tendency has no bearing on its success in diamond gemstone cutting. The cut is stunning in diamond engagement settings. Emerald cut is a step cut, in that the outlines are rectangular. The facets, or other planes created in the cutting process, are similarly linear, and they run parallel to the stone’s girdle. This unique style sets it apart from most cuts on the market, including some of the fanciest shapes like pear or marquise.

From traditional to contemporary to classic settings, we offer the perfect combination of diamonds and engagement rings setting. You can create your ideal ring and make it your everlasting masterpiece with our exceptional options of marvelous engagement diamond rings. Whether you want antique engagement rings or modern promise rings we will give you an heirloom diamond with 100% guarantee of peace of mind. Our spectacular edition of bridal rings is highly renowned for an exemplary and substantial diamond carefully chosen for the solitaire setting. Your diamond’s clarity will be the hallmark of your engagement ring. Emerald cuts bring out the clarity of a diamond, while appearing to be less bright than a brilliant cut diamond. The luster of your stone will be quite apparent in this setting, as well. Pay special attention to diamond quality when shopping for emerald cut rings. If you make the right choice, your stone can outshine even the brightest brilliant diamond ring.



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Does your future bride consider herself a princess? If so, you are her white knight in shining armor. Making her dreams come true is easy with a princess cut antique diamond engagement ring. You want to give her something she will love, but you also want to be smart in your shopping choice. A princess cut diamond is a safe option because they are relatively common and extremely beautiful. An antique setting adds a signature quality to the ring. Think about your bride when you shop: how does she dress? What does she like to wear? The square shape of a princess cut is very flattering to many body types. Spend some time weighing your options as she is worth it. With our exceptional princess cut antique engagement rings, you can shop with confidence knowing the craftsmanship of the setting is unique, and of the highest quality.

How do you know that your lifetime investment in a diamond ring is a wise decision? With a princess cut antique engagement ring, you can shop with confidence knowing the artisan settings are exceptionally made. Well, if you get stuck at the thought of your preference, we are here to help you. Learn more about your choices in choosing a setting at on our diamond education section. And if you are getting overwhelmed with the antiques, check out our solitaire section to get an idea of what is out there. With our princess cut diamond rings, you will stand out!The classic three stone ring design illustrates symmetry, unity and commitment to a relationship that will last through the ages. The diamond three stone ring also symbolizes past, present and future. Elegant yet whimsical, our marquise diamond three stone rings showcase a promise of sacred love bound to last forever. These spectacular engagement diamond rings stand for iBraggiotti’s trademark of quality and excellence. Our top priority is seeing our customers absolutely satisfied with every purchase they make. To this end, we proudly stand with the principle of giving highest value to clarity, cut and color of every diamond for engagement ring we craft. You can browse through our unique array of lovely engagement rings as well as superb promise rings and glamorous wedding rings.