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You see it everywhere. Literature harps on the efficaciousness of the trifecta (read the Three Little Pigs lately?) Greek and Roman mythology echos the historical importance of life defined by threes (three fates or three muses). Religions tout the power of three (trinity, anyone?) We could go for a while on this theme, but you probably get the point. So why should the symbol of your engagement be a three stone diamond ring?
There is nothing in the stars pointing you to a three stone ring (or if there is, we haven’t caught wind of it, yet). But three symbolic diamonds connote so much more than a solitaire engagement ring. If you’re not ready, you can always keep it in mind as an anniversary ring. Lots of couples are looking to three stone diamond rings as a way to integrate a family diamond. If you have a diamond of sentimental value and you want it set with two other stones, we can help. Check out the iBraggiotti Jewelry Custom Shop.
Shopping for Three Stone Diamond Rings
Browse our collection for your three stone diamond engagement ring. In some cases, you can select the side stone diamond weight. The diamonds come in a variety of shapes, like princess cut or round cut. In all cases, unless otherwise noted, the side stones are G/H color and SI1, VS2 clarity. Curious about the Four C’s? Become an informed shopper at Jewelry 101.

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Jewelry is a women’s best friend, is it true?

Ibraggiotti gemstone jewelry

                        Ibraggiotti gemstone jewelry

Every women love to wear trendy, chic, sleek and fashionable earrings and other types of ornaments.  They spend lots of time move from one jewelry store to another just in search of exceptional and exclusive pieces so that she can boast a collection of nice adornments. However, with the increase in the trend of online shopping, there are numerous excellent stores with huge collections.

Jewelry has become part and parcel of modern day life. All sorts of ornaments like rings, stud earrings, bangles, and pendants are admired and worn by both working women and house makers. They prefer to wear traditional as well as exclusive range of earrings with contemporary designs in different designs to make a novel and an exclusive style statement.


Whether you have decided to buy some precious jewelry for you of or for someone special, you need to know every bit of it in order to be a well-informed customer. Nothing could be more annoying than to buy a pair of earring for someone and hear complaints about its quality, shine or anything else. So, perform the necessary homework and acquire better information before purchasing finest gemstone earrings.


Select the type of earring that will suit your personality best. You can go for round earrings with pearls or stud in the Centre or choose large dangles which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You also need to look for the kind of outfit you are wearing whether it is a western or a traditional dress. If you are dressed in western style ho for sleek and elegant earrings while of your dress is traditional, you can choose some really heavy and studded earrings.


If you are shopping Jewelry for your wedding or any other special occasion, make sure to select Jewelry or earrings after your attire is finalized. Your biggest benefit is that when your outfit is ready, your earrings and Jewelry will be sized accordingly and properly and save your time as well


Probably every one of you must wish to keep your expensive jewelry safe and intact. You can do so by keeping it in a safe place whenever you remove it. Moreover, try not to wear your earrings while make up or taking a bath. The harmful chemicals present in home products and beauty products can damage the Jewelry item, stripping them of the original shine and look and make them look monotonous and lifeless.


You can also think of Jewelry earrings as a gift item for your closed ones. There are many absorbing, extraordinary and exclusive items that can serve your purpose. You can also go to online Jewelry shop to get some extraordinary and expensive jewelry gift idea containers. Once you possess your gift item with you, choose some sticker label packages that may go well with the kind of feeling you want to express through your gift item. Provide a fine attractive touch to your gift with these stickers.


When wearing finest gemstone earrings it is preferable to ensure whether they complement with your attire. It is actually needed since this can either make or break your appearance. Moreover, you will also find numerous designs and styles of exclusive range of earrings that are not ideal for every face and personality, so be careful to select a design that suits you most. So, it is always good to pursue the latest fashion and not just pick up anything and wear. Presently, a large number of women are investing big amounts in jewelry pieces.The majority of you may find it a bit complicated to buy finest gemstone earring, especially after glancing at their prices. However, you can always go for online jewelry shop where you can find exclusive designs at nominal prices. Make sure to study in deep about the online Jewelry outlet and their catalogue before choosing to buy your favorite pairs of earring. There are plenty of online shopping stores available today that makes shopping easy and quick.

Look Beautiful With A Pair of Gemstone Earrings

Jewelry is the most essential part of a woman’s attire. It expresses her persona, taste, beauty and the sense of choice and fashion. Thus, to ensure that you reflect your class in the correct way through jewelry, it is very important to choose the best.

Selecting the right jewelry is an art and not all women have it in them. While buying any jewelry, the buyer should keep in mind a few things so that the best piece is selected. It is very important to choose the jewelry according to the complexion, appearance, occasion and place.

Out of all the jewelry, earrings enjoys a place of preference and pride in a woman’s life. She may do without a bracelet or a chain, but an earring is always a must for her. A pair of earring can be made of any metal or any gemstone. Women these days like to opt for gemstones as these are sophisticated and classy. Some of them like to go with diamonds whereas, others opt for their birth stones which are colorful and dazzling.

gemstone earrings

gemstone earrings

These days, many variety of gemstones earrings are available which comes in hoops, chandeliers, studs, dangles and many more. The type you choose should depend on your complexion and the shape of your face. Occasion also plays a major role in deciding the best earring for you. The long hoops or dangles does not look good in the office, but, these are perfect for any function or party. Simple studs are best for office wear. Diamonds with a few gemstones are great for small event gathering. Thus, each style of gemstone earrings have different class and should be worn only in the perfect time.

gemstone earrings

gemstone earrings

At the time of selecting an earring, make sure that you think about your face too. Long dangling chains and hoops looks best on the round faces only. The small drops are best for long face. Studs looks great on a square faced woman. Whereas, the short dangles go well for a rectangular faced woman. Just like the shape, color also plays a very important role in selecting the gemstone earring. Knowing what color to choose can be frustrating. Thus, it is important to know which color would go best with your complexion.

gemstone earrings

  gemstone earrings

gemstone earrings

gemstone earrings

While you dress up for any occasion, make sure that your gemstone earrings sync with the rest of your jewelry and outfit. If you are wearing a diamond necklace, then prefer wearing diamond earring only. But, beware of overdoing. Too much jewelry can make you look loud and weird. The best would be to leave your neck bare if you wear a long dangle or chunky piece of earring. This will make you look elegant and classy.

If you have been looking for a place to buy a new pair of earring, then look for the most elegant pieces on the web. Many jewelry websites offer jewelry at low costs. But, ensure that you choose the trustworthy firm for your jewelry. These online jewelry merchant offers unique jewelry at the most competitive price. Thus, get the smartest pair of earring for the upcoming event online now!

Anniversary rings- Gemstone Rings for Togetherness!

Wedding anniversaries are truly considered as special days by every couple. It is one of the long-established traditions to celebrate this beautiful occasion by giving a precious gemstone. From the time when kings and queens used to rule their dynasty, precious metals were used as gifts for wedding anniversaries. Couples used to get wreath of silver once they completed 25 years of their marriage and gold on completing 50 years of their marriage. It was a good gesture to honor couples and their bond of love and togetherness. Following the same tradition, the Victorians made a list of gemstone to match particular stones to certain marriage anniversaries so that all the important dates are celebrated in style and tradition.


The gemstones wedding anniversary list was made by putting all the stones in a proper order like more important milestone would be marked with luxurious stones. To celebrate the most important anniversaries, the diamond appears to be on the top of the list. To describe eternal love and to show strength of togetherness and unity there is no better stone than diamond. To honor 60 years of married life, the diamond is again used because it marks its significance. In fact Queen Victoria used diamond to mark 60 years of carrying the throne.


The gemstone jewelry chosen for particular anniversaries most of the time has symbolic relevance. Emerald gemstone is used to mark 20th anniversary which shows or you can say represent fidelity in a relationship whereas Ruby is used to mark 40th anniversary which reflects passion, courage and desire.


Marriage is a relationship and it should spark keeps marriage alive and make bond with your partner stronger. We have discussed anniversary gemstone guide so that you can celebrate this special event in a style and cherish those happy moments rest of your life.


Gold, pearls, sapphire, onyx, tourmaline, garnet, blue topaz, Amethyst, Ruby, Opal, Diamond, Citrine, Jade, turquoise, emerald, silver jubilee, pearls Jubilee, pearl jubilee, diamond jubilee, Sapphire Jubilee, Ruby Jubilee, peridot etc. this list of wedding anniversaries gemstone is going to help you a lot.


Wedding anniversaries rings are the best way to show love for each other over the years, there are so many gift ideas which you can consider for your anniversary. So are you planning for a perfect wedding anniversary party? Take ample time and choose the perfect gift to impress your spouse. Bringing new ideas and thoughts in to a gift for your significant partner can bring lot of appreciation for you as well. Some people love to gift diamond rings as a anniversary gift whereas some love other gemstones like emerald, topaz, ruby etc. but all these anniversaries rings not only strengthen any relationship but also give some spice or spark to your marriage. These beautiful rings make the relationship healthy and you start loving each other more. Sometimes some stones are so lucky for the couple that it brings success and prosperity in a couple’s life and they start growing personally and professionally too.


Rich And Subtle Wedding Jewelry For Your Love

There are different types of designer wedding bands which you can pick such as hammered design bands, braided wedding bands, paisley bands and many other designs like Celtic wedding band.

Different people have different choices and when it comes to choosing type of wedding band your personal choice is what matters. There is nothing practical or technical in choosing design wedding apart from deciding what kind of design you prefer.


One and only practical consideration which you want to make while choosing wedding bands designs is the understanding that fashion or trends fades away and you must be looking for a design that stays forever. The second consideration is deciding whether you will wear ring everyday and how you can make your ring to sustain safely. It usually depends on the kind of work, hobbies and career you have.

Eternity rings are great pieces of jewelry that depicts true love. They come in finger ring form or band. As the name says this ornament is not like any ordinary ornament. They have special feelings behind them. Eternity rings are evergreen and forever.


Eternity rings are made from gold or platinum and is encrusted with some precious stones like diamond that encircle the beautiful ring all way round. This stands for eternal circle of true love and life. They are used often as wedding bands. These rings are solid that they form continuous circle of diamonds or other gemstones. For many people it is like a custom to celebrate first anniversary with an eternity ring made up of diamond and usually it is worn between the wedding and engagement ring.

Even if there is no celebration or occasion then also you can gift eternity ring to your beloved to show your love and tell her that she is so special in your life and I am sure she will fall in love with you all over again.


The use of diamond shows eternity. It is said that diamonds are forever and remains forever. This beautiful gemstone symbolizes never ending love, closeness and togetherness which couples share in any relationship.

There are jewelers who have got good range of rings created over time. To buy eternity rings always go to some expert source. Trust me they are custom engineered and are have got the finest craftsmanship. When you choose size of your wrist or finger and order the custom to make a ring or band. Immediately your jeweler will calculate number of diamond stones needed to make a ring for you.


Buying a classic piece of jewelry always need some homework, as these rings reflects your eternal love and care for your loved one. Thus, make sure that you get the best place to buy jewelry as these are something to be kept always and share the moments for the lifetime.


Thus, buy a jewelry that reflects you love, care and dedication towards your special and make them feel special with some stunning jewelry. Cheers!

Gold Care

To keep your gold jewelry looking shiny, you could use a toothbrush and some soapy water to clean inside the crevices of the jewelry. Dishwashing liquid is a suitable cleaning solution for cleaning gold jewelry. Make sure that you rinse the jewelry with warm water until the water runs clear to ensure that all of the soap has been rinsed off completely. Afterwards, buff your jewelry piece with a soft, lint free cloth.

Instead of using soap and water to clean your gold jewelry, you could also use a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner. Before using a particular jewelry cleaner, check to see if the jewelry cleaner is safe to use on your jewelry especially if it contains gemstones.
Tip #1

Try not to wear your gold jewelry everyday to avoid getting it damaged. If you do need to wear your jewelry on a daily basis, then it’s recommended that you clean your jewelry everyday to avoid any build-up of grease and dirt.
Tip #2

Store your gold jewelry in a velvet-lined jewelry box or case that contains compartments for each item. If you don’t have a jewelry box, you should wrap each piece of jewelry in a separate piece of tissue paper and keep them in a small bag or pouch. It’s best to keep your jewelry separate because this will prevent your gold jewelry from getting scratched by other jewelry pieces that may contain gemstones.
Tip #3

When storing your jewelry, make sure that it’s dry because moisture can cause the springs and clasps to weaken over time.