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Welcome and thank you for going to, a family organization of gems lovers. Established by Ivo Braggiotti Jr. in 2008 with the main straightforward thought of making individuals glad, offering quality jewels utilizing all methods for innovation. Consistently, Ivo Braggiotti Jr. being an Information Technology master has offered numerous inventive transformative plans to numerous perceived adornments organizations found essentially in New York and in addition everywhere throughout the United States.

Joining his involvement in the Jewelry Market in the place where he grew up Milano to his new home New York City he set up his own particular online adornments retail location

Still numerous individuals are somewhat reluctant of shopping on the web. On account of its security or in light of the fact that they neglect to a vulnerability of the buy they have made.



Religious gifts – Corpus pendants – Celtic Cross Pendant

Celtic Cross Pendant in 14k Yellow Gold.

SKU RL1-0393
Weight 1.3 grams
Metal 14k Yellow Gold
Resizable: No
Misc Information:
  • Solid
  • Textured back
  • Flat back
  • Textured
Measurements 31.00 mm
Width: 0.59 Inches (15.00 mm)
Length: 1.22 Inches
Appraisal Value : $153.18

Fine Engagement Rings |Fine wedding jewelry

unique settings products engagement rings Unique Settings Of New York Prices

When it comes to unique diamond engagement rings, no city does it better than the Big Apple. From our heart to yours, browse our fabulous engagement rings from New York. All are hand-selected and we guarantee their quality. At iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry, we have spent a lot of time creating our bridal jewelry collection. We want everyone who visits our site to find something that suits them. And we want you to feel great wearing your ring each and every day.

The process of finding the perfect engagement ring is like no other. How do you choose between diamond solitaire engagement rings and three stone diamond rings with a more modern flair? Maybe your taste and style lend themselves to antique engagement rings, gilded and unique like your love. The possibilities are limitless. But let’s face it. Your budget has limits, and you don’t have all the time in the world to shop, no matter how important the decision is.

You will find antique engagement rings all across the web. Lots of people ask if they are really antiques. In most cases, they are not actually old. Antique rings are usually brand new settings designed with a hint of old timey fashion. All of the antique diamond engagement rings in this section are new. But what makes engagement rings antique? The style is your first indication. Many of the pieces in our collection are modeled after American designs from the 1940s. These styles are popular because they are both unique and beautiful.You will be the first to wear these fabulous settings. You will be surprised at how comfortable your antique style engagement ring can be. Each one is designed to accentuate the unique style and beauty of the person wearing it. Since you have the option to choose your metal type in each of these settings, you are sure to match your budget. We recommend 18K white gold for all of our settings, because your ring will shine more brilliantly beneath your diamond. You also get to choose the carat weight of your center diamond.


Fine jewelry new york city

The moxy of a fine gold gems never blurs away. Gold has dependably been a most loved metal of each young lady since ages. Gold rings, gold arm ornaments, gold chains, gold neckbands and so on are among the popular gems in the midst of ladies. Amid relational unions gold is talented to the lady and lucky man. In the event that you need to view any gold gems like armlets, hoops, pendants, ear chains, gold pieces of jewelry, anklets, rings and other particular gold adornments having mind boggling outlines and studs then they are accessible on the web. You simply need to discover, survey and purchase them.
Gold is accessible in 22 carat or 24 carat regarding the matter of virtue. In any case, as of late it has been seen that gold adornments is experiencing diverse upset. The creator gems is additionally accessible in the 14 carat and 18 carat gold in view of its flexibility in addition to use. These days individuals like purchasing fine gems and regarding the matter of white gold installed with precious stone and different valuable stone then clients don’t lean toward some other choice over them.
As we all realize that precious stone is getting part of prominence that is the reason gold adornments is some place growing dim, hence to recover its appeal, numerous brands are outlining gold gems into distinctive architect pieces that is clearly checked at incredible costs. These originators gold gems is getting to be famous particularly among the young.
This new hypothesis of the gold gems is drawing in the more youthful era in expansive on account of its class appearances and unpredictability. Diverse gold gems are getting to be prominent because of its appealing outlines and ladylike look. Females with the current viewpoint and wear western outfits adoration wearing perplexing originator pieces alongside pearls and additionally jewels. These planner pieces are realistic either in 18 ct or14 ct gold. They look exceptionally ladylike and delicate. You simply need to pick planner gold adornments from any gems site and put in the request for the right piece just by sitting with in the solace of your home.
Ladies who need to have a snazzy search must be searching for a frill that can be matched up with any kind of article of clothing and now they can add gold affix to their closet. Some design addicts adoration to have diverse styles of the gold chains in blend with other gold gems. On the off chance that you blessing a gold fasten to any lady then she would unquestionably admire that. Be that as it may, before you purchase gold binds attempt to think about the individual style, taste and inclinations of the wearer. You may become acquainted with that individual likes flimsy chain jewelry implanted with little jewel. So some place the size, taste and character of the individual matters a ton. Gold comes in yellow or white hues; consequently pick admirably while remembering the inclination of the wearer. As such a large number of brands and names have come up in the business sector you simply need to check each style and purchase the gold anchor which will be in the line with the arranged measure of the installment and also joy of your dear one.

Get Designer Anklets to Go Fashionable from Traditional

An anklet is the most beautiful accessory which has the perfect blend of tradition and rebellion in it. It is worn around both the ankles but now, the fashionistas like to keep it different. Instead of wearing it over both the ankles, they like to wear it only in one. This piece of jewelry originated in Asia which was worn by the married women to reflect happiness and prosperity. But now, people all over the world like to wear it as a fashion accessory to enhance the beauty of their ankle. Married and unmarried both wear anklets in gold, silver and many other metals.

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

Now a days, the sterling silver anklets have been gaining a lot of popularity and being worn as an accessory in all the occasions. The contemporary anklets are made by using a lot of more materials that includes pearls, glass, gemstones, beads and a lot more.

An anklet can be worn over all the outfits as it has the most ideal blend of contemporary and classic look. From the short dress to the full gown, skirts to jeans, sarees to suits; the ankle bracelets look stunning each time you wear them. Tough the traditional anklets can be worn by only a special class of people, the designer ones can be worn by all the age groups due to the wide choices, collection and patterns. The anklets made with Swarovski or freshwater pearls look elegant can be worn by any age women.

A sterling silver anklet is a perfect gift if you wish to give something really nice to someone who is very close to you. These anklets come in adjustable chain which can be fixed according to the person’s ankle size. Unlike the other type of jewelry, the sterling silver anklets are easier to choose and comes within budget. The simple and cute designs are ought to impress anyone wearing it. Thus, you can be assured to make the person love it whom you gift the stunning piece of anklet.

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

Ibraggiotti fashion ankletheart-rope-anklet

The anklets come in many designs which makes it easier to choose your design according to your personal taste and style. For instance, for an elegant and simple look, you can opt to wear a box chain cross anklet in sterling silver. But, if you show some fun side, then you can choose to wear a fancy cross anklet in sterling silver. This looks hep and cool too. Thus, you have adequate options to choose from which you can wear according to the event, mood and occasion.

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

Ibraggiotti fashion anklet

iBraggiotti has a wide collection of anklets which can be worn in any occasion. These look elegant and sophisticated enhancing your overall look and class. You may even checkout other jewlery offered by for more and better options offered at the minimum cost. The range of ladies wedding bands and eternal bands are simply awesome that comes without digging a hole in your pocket. Thus, checkout now for more options.

Exquisite range of Gold and Silver wedding Jewelry

Jewelry has always been an important part of any wedding especially for women’s. Wedding is very sentimental and ceremonial day for a bride. She puts all the efforts to make wedding look really fabulous and exciting to the guests. When it comes to choosing perfect wedding jewelry then brides can ask for a little help. This is an expert article which can help you in choosing right type of wedding jewelry.


All the brides need magnificent piece of wedding jewelry to complete their attire and look for the big day of their life. However that is just a beginning because you will also need bridesmaid jewelry which is generally given as thank you gifts during any bridal party. Nowadays you will find so many online stores which offers silver jewelry. They ensure that you get a large selection to choose from. Their knowledgeable staff will also help you to choose the best of the lot. These online stores also have some of the greatest handcrafted silver jewelry.


Gold pendants are perfect wedding gift for a bride. It can be bought easily. Other than that gold pendants are durable and used by the wearer for a long time. Women love jewelries, in fact it is an essential part of her wardrobe. It is believed that all the women loves diamond however when it comes to the value, reliability, durability and trustworthiness, then gold is definitely the best option.


Though with the passing time gold prices has never gone down. It is among the most valuable metals and adds right amount of sparkle to any dress. There are different options to be considered when it gets to gold pendants. It suits every woman having different taste, designs, style. You will something of your choice. A gold pendant not only looks good but also reflects your personality. Every other jewelry that a woman has it is the pendant made up of gold which make the difference.


Gold pendants are available in different shapes, designs, style and sizes. There are so many options which you can consider including myriad pieces. The gold pendant can be worn as good luck jewelry by the person to whomsoever you show. Therefore you can choose a motif which will have some kind of religious look.


In case you are interested in buying pendants which are not big in size, then it will be good if you choose the one which do not have lot of stones. Depending on the size of the pendant, number stones should be chosen.


Shape of the pendant is one more important consideration. People generally choose common options such as dragonflies, dolphins, fairies and they look quite decent also. You need to make sure that you check the material of the pendant and the gold quality.


The stone color is also a paramount concern. Keep one thing in mind that color of the stone goes perfectly with the value of the pendant. When you have to choose from colored stones and colorless one then always go for colorless stone because they are pure and have no impurities trapped.

Anniversary rings- Gemstone Rings for Togetherness!

Wedding anniversaries are truly considered as special days by every couple. It is one of the long-established traditions to celebrate this beautiful occasion by giving a precious gemstone. From the time when kings and queens used to rule their dynasty, precious metals were used as gifts for wedding anniversaries. Couples used to get wreath of silver once they completed 25 years of their marriage and gold on completing 50 years of their marriage. It was a good gesture to honor couples and their bond of love and togetherness. Following the same tradition, the Victorians made a list of gemstone to match particular stones to certain marriage anniversaries so that all the important dates are celebrated in style and tradition.


The gemstones wedding anniversary list was made by putting all the stones in a proper order like more important milestone would be marked with luxurious stones. To celebrate the most important anniversaries, the diamond appears to be on the top of the list. To describe eternal love and to show strength of togetherness and unity there is no better stone than diamond. To honor 60 years of married life, the diamond is again used because it marks its significance. In fact Queen Victoria used diamond to mark 60 years of carrying the throne.


The gemstone jewelry chosen for particular anniversaries most of the time has symbolic relevance. Emerald gemstone is used to mark 20th anniversary which shows or you can say represent fidelity in a relationship whereas Ruby is used to mark 40th anniversary which reflects passion, courage and desire.


Marriage is a relationship and it should spark keeps marriage alive and make bond with your partner stronger. We have discussed anniversary gemstone guide so that you can celebrate this special event in a style and cherish those happy moments rest of your life.


Gold, pearls, sapphire, onyx, tourmaline, garnet, blue topaz, Amethyst, Ruby, Opal, Diamond, Citrine, Jade, turquoise, emerald, silver jubilee, pearls Jubilee, pearl jubilee, diamond jubilee, Sapphire Jubilee, Ruby Jubilee, peridot etc. this list of wedding anniversaries gemstone is going to help you a lot.


Wedding anniversaries rings are the best way to show love for each other over the years, there are so many gift ideas which you can consider for your anniversary. So are you planning for a perfect wedding anniversary party? Take ample time and choose the perfect gift to impress your spouse. Bringing new ideas and thoughts in to a gift for your significant partner can bring lot of appreciation for you as well. Some people love to gift diamond rings as a anniversary gift whereas some love other gemstones like emerald, topaz, ruby etc. but all these anniversaries rings not only strengthen any relationship but also give some spice or spark to your marriage. These beautiful rings make the relationship healthy and you start loving each other more. Sometimes some stones are so lucky for the couple that it brings success and prosperity in a couple’s life and they start growing personally and professionally too.