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Marquise Diamond Three Stone Rings

An Engagement Ring to Commemorate Your Love Story

iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry presents special diamond engagement rings to commemorate your love story’s past, present and future. Let her know how much you care by handing her with one of these grand marquise three stone rings that is crafted with the finest quality second to none. She will definitely know how special she is with this marvelous fantasy from start to finish. Three stone rings are also known as trinity rings which symbolize the eternal nature of true love. Marquise diamond three stone rings characteristically incorporate a magnificent center piece diamond. The dazzling two smaller diamonds on either side highlight the brilliance and fiery look of the center stone. The marquise shape is a legendary cut resembling the smile of the Marquise of Pompadour. The exquisite beauty of the marquise diamond is greatly contributed by the Sun King Louis the XIV after commanding a diamond cut to look like the smile of his mistress.

Hauntingly beautiful and uncommon in engagement jewelry, the marquise diamond ring lends itself to style. If you know your style and feel confident in it, consider how one of these beautiful three stone rings might highlight it. The key to engagement ring shopping is realizing that it is a ring you will wear all the time. From casual coffee dates to formal dinner parties – even in the shower. Your engagement ring becomes a part of you. For this reason it is vital to find the right fit for you, and we don’t mean just your ring size. Keep in mind a few things:Three stone marquise diamond rings have a unique shape that highlights lines and contour in your body and in your clothing. Find Your Diamond Weight. Your diamond will benefit from the support of two side stones. Make sure that the center diamond is of adequate size. Beware of stones that may be too large for your frame.

A gorgeous and unique expression of love, marquise three stone rings can be set in white gold, yellow gold and platinum metals. Metal Type is a Color, too. If you choose gold, you have the option of yellow or white. Which best suits you and your skin tone? White gold goes well with most skin types, making it a very popular metal type. Platinum gives you the same look with the added luster and benefit of never needing to be rhodium plated after wear.

The classic three stone ring design illustrates symmetry, unity and commitment to a relationship that will last through the ages. The diamond three stone ring also symbolizes past, present and future. Elegant yet whimsical, our marquise diamond three stone rings showcase a promise of sacred love bound to last forever. These spectacular engagement diamond rings stand for iBraggiotti’s trademark of quality and excellence. Our top priority is seeing our customers absolutely satisfied with every purchase they make. To this end, we proudly stand with the principle of giving highest value to clarity, cut and color of every diamond for engagement ring we craft. You can browse through our unique array of lovely engagement rings as well as superb promise rings and glamorous wedding rings.

If you want to design a ring that completely matches her taste, our well trained ring makers will customize a diamond ring for you. Connect with our live chat representative to specify the ring of your choice. Alternatively, you can peruse our education section and see the assortment of several cut diamonds in different metal settings. If you are not quite comfortable with a marquise three stone ring, consider marquise diamond rings with side stones or marquise diamond pave rings. We also have pear shaped and heart shaped diamonds for a more lively selection of diamond engagement rings. Our online jewelry store is open 24/7 to cater your needs whether you are looking for excellent antique rings, bridal rings, wedding bands, engagement ring bands, gold rings, diamond rings any fabulous rings for men and rings for women.


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Marquise Diamond Rings with Sidestones

A Grand Engagement Ring for Your Queen

Every lady makes a queen in every man’s life. You would want to give the greatest gift of love to your special woman soon to be your wife; surely it should be the perfect diamond engagement ring. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry values this desire of every couple wanting to bind themselves with the symbol of eternal union. So we present to you our diamond rings with side stones that feature not only magnificent diamonds but also design elements that are truly unique. Distinct from the three stone diamond setting, our engagement diamond rings with side stones are designed to highlight a single center stone. Your diamond will visually pop from a backdrop of sparkling diamonds as these side stones accentuate the brilliant center stone. Tailored at your request to fit any size or shape of center stone, our collection of timeless, elegant and quality engagement rings utilize common techniques in mounting the side stones which include channel and pave settings.

A diamond ring with the channel setting flushes diamonds at the sides of the ring between two strips of gold or platinum metal without prongs between the stones. The strips are almost invisible making the diamonds appear free standing at the sides of the diamond ring band. Channel set rings draw visual lines that lead to the center stone, putting much more emphasis on its brilliance and grand look. Pave set diamond rings utilize tinier diamonds which cover the sides of the engagement band. These diamonds are very small and are often held in place with small prongs or beads. Nearly similar to channel set, the metal band in pave settings barely shows through.

Featuring quality marquise diamond rings with sidestones, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry rates clarity, color and cut of your center diamond as a top priority in the diamond engagement ring selections. Our diamond engagement rings with side stones come set with stones of standard color and clarity. Although the side stones are small and they can be of lesser quality than the center diamond, they still accentuate the center stone with extreme luster. You will be amazed at how your queen bears the marquise diamond ring with pride and glory. So if you have questions about the side stones in any of the items in our bridal collection, please contact us. Fine jewelry is what we are good at and we love to share it with you. We definitely have much to offer ; our finest set of bridal rings, promise rings, wedding bands and wedding rings, gold rings, diamond earrings and any diamond and settings of your choice. Not all jewelry stores offer the diamond rings of beauty and elegance that can withstand the test of time.


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Trillion Diamond Solitaire Rings

An Engagement Ring for the Adventurous Spirit

You might want to wow everyone with your engagement ring. If you do, you should look into trillion diamond rings. With a stunning triangular shape unique to the trillion cut, these diamonds are pyramid shaped, and they are mounted upside down. Trillion cut diamonds make spectacular diamond engagement rings. Its brilliant cut offers magnificent engagement diamond rings with a sparkling center stone. The result is beyond doubt a unique diamond experience that maintains the brilliance of the stone. Trillion cut diamonds are truly a masterpiece and the audacity of the hand crafted wedding ring is an outcome of the perfect union of the natural characteristics of the stone and the skill and preference of the cutter. You will find our trillion diamond solitaire rings truthfully amazing, because they are extracted from the finest quality carat diamonds. If you are an adventurous person, then a trillion diamond ring is the best for you.

Trillion solitaire settings are unique because the traditionally three prong design grasps the stone by its corners. The created effect of this shape diamond engagement rings are like no other cuts. Make no mistake – the trillion is not for your fiancé if she wants a classic look. You will need to look into the other cuts. Round cut or princess cut would be a better choice of a classic engagement ring. If you would like choose to design a ring that will perfectly match her taste, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry is ready to customize the diamond and the setting that she will definitely love. Or, you can choose from our impressive arrays of diamond rings whether you want antique engagement rings or a wedding ring with sidestones. You might prefer a simple ring design of three stone rings, diamond wedding bands, or promise rings from our stunning collection of bridal rings. Whichever you choose, it should bring joy to your one and only love..

Our engagement diamond ring with the trillion cut is extremely amazing because they are made from quality stones that were originally cut to accentuate a center stone. As they have begun to appear in centerpieces of various jewelry types, trillion diamond rings have become increasingly popular. While these diamonds for engagement rings are gaining stylish traction, you will not see one every day. The trillion is for the adventurous spirit. When you are in doubt, you better go with classic. Best of all, please visit our education section. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry is always ready to give you wonders in presenting to you our unique mix of diamond and settings to bring you the world’s best – your stunning diamond jewelry set with a matching band, a promise ring, a gold ring, a diamond necklace, or a pair of diamond earrings. Isn’t she lovely wearing all these?