How to Care Your Diamond-ibraggiotti

Diamonds naturally attract grease. In order to keep your diamonds clean and brilliant for years to come, it’s best that you soak and wash your diamond jewelry in warm, sudsy water. Make sure that you use a mild liquid detergent. When you’re done washing it, dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Diamond care
You can also use ethyl alcohol, ammonia solutions, and jewelry cleaning solutions to clean your diamond jewelry. Alcohol is really good as a cleaning solution. It evaporates quickly and doesn’t leave any water spots. Ammonia solutions are especially good for cleaning unfilled diamonds and brightening metals such as yellow gold. Alcohol and ammonia solutions may not be suitable for cleaning jewelry with other stones. If you have jewelry containing fracture-filled diamonds, you shouldn’t clean them with solutions that are acidic or contain ammonia. These types of solutions could cloud, discolor, or remove the fillings.
If the grease and dirt still hasn’t come off after soaking your diamond jewelry, you can also try using a tooth pick, a water pick, or unwaxed dental floss to remove the dirt. Be careful when using water picks because the bristles could scratch the gold mountings.
You can also have your diamond jewelry professionally cleaned with a steamer and ultrasonic. An ultrasonic is a machine that shakes dirt loose with a vibrating detergent solution using high-frequency sound waves. These two types of devices shouldn’t be used to clean diamonds that are severely cracked or flawed. To have these rings professionally cleaned it may take a couple of hours to be cleaned effectively. In some cases, the ultrasonic and the steamer can’t remove the dirt and metal residue. In these instances, you can boil your diamonds in sulfuric acid. Fracture-filled diamonds should never be cleaned in acids.

Cleaning Tips
  • It’s always best to clean your jewelry on a regular basis to avoid lengthy, risky cleaning procedures down the line.
  • If you wear your jewelry daily, you should try to clean it at least once per week.
  • Always consult with your jeweler to find out which cleaning solution is best for your type of jewelry.
Storing Diamond Jewelry
  • When you’re storing your diamond jewelry, it’s best that you wrap your jewelry individually in soft material and place them in pouches or pockets of padded jewelry bags.
  • Try not to store the jewelry on top of each other because doing so can cause the diamonds and the metal mountings to get scratched.
  • Make sure that you store your jewelry in a safe and secure place in your home.
  • Avoid storing your jewelry in jewelry boxes or on top of tables or dressers because thieves tend to search for these items in these locations.
  • Costume jewelry should be stored in jewelry boxes.
  • If you have jewelry that you rarely wear, it’s best to store them in a safe deposit box instead of your home.