Classy Wedding Rings and Bands

Marriage is the sacred thread that entwines souls in a journey that traverses forever. Millions of couples wait for this big day of their life to commence and they take meticulous efforts to adorn the occasion. The bride navigates through a wide collection of ravishing and gorgeous attires and groom looks for best suits and apparels. Apart from the apparels wedding rings and bands are also a curious pick of the couple. They wish their rings to stand different and make a memorable piece of wear. Diamond rings are the latest trends of wedding wears that makes a spectacular display on fingers. Girls are wooed at the very thought of diamond and hence men make it a note to search for elite and sleek designs of diamond rings with a wonderful finish.

Ibraggiotti Rings

                      Ibraggiotti Rings

Millions of people prior starting their lives often get baffled with the type of wedding bands and rings to choose for their partners.A wide collection and range of wedding bands are available in the market but if you are looking for a gorgeous and lavish wedding ceremony then your choice must epitomize class and elegance. Diamond rings at attractive prices are displayed in showrooms and jewelry shops that captivateswould be marrying couples. Everyone craves for classic and hand crafted wedding diamond rings with unique design and carvings. People even prefer to emboss their partner’s name in the rings to give it a touch of passionate love. Men’s wedding bands have elegant carvings and marvelous etching throughout the complete ring. Art gets it form in these rings and they make an irresistible choice.

Ibraggiotti Wedding Bands

Ibraggiotti Wedding Bands

A wide variety of rings and wedding bands have stones embedded in them. Men’s wedding bands have gems or other precious stones embedded. Black diamonds, color gemstones, lavender sapphires are some of the jaw-dropping picks of wedding rings and bands.Eternity rings come with such wonderful amalgamations of precious stones. Gold embroidery and emerald stones are also a classy taste. Rubies, color diamonds or pink sapphires synchronize with the attire and wedding theme.Adding a white gold or rose gold gives a modish touch to the rings and wedding bands and it offers both uniqueness and taste in its appearance. People also prefer to give their personal designs and make the ring more special for their beloved. Lacy finishes also look gracefulon brides’ fingers. They have complicated touches and makethe design more intricate and fascinating. Golden lines with lacy finishes are the buzz in market now.

Wedding bands

                      Wedding bands

Wedding rings and bands understand the forever love between passionate souls and hence they are designed with taste and class. The colossal range of wedding bands gives you a choice from multitude options that make a perfect piece of selection for your big day in life. A piece of contemporary design or art is also a unique wish on wedding rings. It marks grandeur in its appearance and adorns the occasion with a symbolic meaning. Properly finished lines amalgamated with more intricate designs are now made possible with technology. Hand crafted rings with stones studded are the popular choice nowadays. If you are planning to give a unique look you should try your own designs and visit illustrious and reputed jewelry shops that shall help you get the best lucrative work at the right price. Diamond and stone studded rings embellishes your big day and makes beautiful memories. It also signifies faith and trust that you wrap in the gesture of ring ceremony and invigorate your relation. So give your partner the best ring and mark the inception of marriage of your marriage with grace and class.


Perfect Wedding Bands to Tie the Knot Till Eternity

Are you wondering about choosing special wedding bands for your wedding? If yes, then this is the perfect place to begin your search with. When you are a sole coordinator for the event like wedding then its important to choose a perfect wedding bands which impresses your better half and keeps it all life long as a symbol of togetherness and love.


Planning for a wedding is definitely a big affair for the couples. There are big and small details on which the organizer has to work upon. The most important part of planning process is to arrange for a perfect wedding band.


Here are the leading 5 kinds of marriage rings for the women which you should consider. Reads on to know them:


  1. Carved wedding band: This is a general variation around classic wedding band style, these bands features range of styles as well as patterns carved along the rings, giving an artistry touch even without making ring showy or bad chosen for putting it everyday. The best kinds of the carved bands use uncomplicated yet the stylish model that is different from them at any point of time. Carved wedding bands are offered at many online stores as well as various offline supplies. The most liked carved bands are platinum rings, yellow gold and white gold. Yellow and white gold blend is one of the typical carving styles.


Carved wedding band

Ibraggiotti Carved wedding band

  1. Three stone: Well this fashion rings for the women who believes in the concept that owning a ring which is both spectacular and wearable. The diamonds embedded in the three stone wedding ring types are usually set in the bezels, or may be in situations, heavier than the usual prongs, enabling safety measures and also help to curb the requirement for the upkeep. Wedding rings for the women with more than 3 stones are also available however three stone ranges usually delivers best blends of style and worth.


Three stone wedding band

  1. Eternity wedding rings: People also buy this type of rings for the post-wedding events. These bands are changing in to best alternative rings for the marriage ceremony. They have 360 degree diamond embedded and are extremely spectacular. With the range of such eternity band dimensions are available out there, we actually feel that 25 as well as 50 carat varieties can be the most smashing one because of the kind of combination for convenience and value being used.


Eternity wedding rings

  1. Classic wedding bands: These bands are the most preferable rings among all the females and the reason is their inherent positive aspects i.e. durability, price, convenience. Nowadays you will get to know about the measurements as well as types offered in the market which makes every bride sure that she will get her match. When all the other alternatives fail, this wedding ring style fulfills the entire gap and gives you a style that is worth spending.


Ibraggiotti Classic wedding bands

Nowadays you will find best jewelry on the internet which offers different marriage ceremony rings to suit females having different taste and style. When you buy an expensive item from any internet store then it is obvious then you will take time to trust that particular website, so we would suggest you to go through the reviews of the people who have recently done shopping from that site because that gives you an idea whether the site is reliable or not.

Special wedding bands to show love and gratitude

Wedding bands is the symbol of mutual love as well as commitment. It is not a short-term display of love and affection towards your better half during the ritual however it is just like a promise or assurance you want to have for your life. Unique wedding bands actually have taken the names with in the designs.


One unique kind of wedding bands is antique look bands. You must have inherited them from your elderly family member or it has been created to give you antique look. Those couples who have got antique looking jewelry may opt for antique bands.


Well the other kinds of unique wedding bands are personally customized bands. There are chances that they may be expensive as compared to the other bands however they are the one which are quite special and different from others.


The best part is you can customize these bands in your own way by putting your favorite thoughts expression, engraving the pet names, wedding date or your favorite statements. In fact you can express your feelings by engraving them on the wedding band either by hand or machine.


Ibraggiotti Wedding Bands

Ibraggiotti Wedding Bands

Sometimes hand woven bands become special type of wedding bands. These bands can also be chosen so as to represents the intertwined of the two lives as one. It has been recorded that celtic bands are getting really popular because of their distinctive design as well as pattern. You can also personalize them according to the personal preference. As discussed before there is no hurdle related to the designs therefore your personalized bands are definitely unique as well as different.


Another type of wedding bands is tension set ring. Though it does not look like usual circular cone. This ring is designed to have split plus a stone fitted on to split. The stone generally helps balancing two ends of bands. These bands look attractive and special. Wedding bands come in different custom orders also.


Ibraggiotti Wedding Bands

Ibraggiotti Wedding Bands

The other kind is plain conventional style. Though it is traditional, but still it is popular and can be specially prepared by engraving the personal statements. Because of the current trend of the diamond-based rings, this traditional wedding ring has become special and unique.


To look good is the tendency of any female. The amount of money you spend on your looks varies person to person and it is actually subject to different factors. Our style, taste and preference is an important factor which determines what we should buy. In case you are among those who generally do not cooperate on your accessories as there is cost involved, you will be bound to possess enviable collection of the “fine” jewelry.


Ibraggiotti Wedding Bands

  Ibraggiotti Wedding Bands

Ibraggiotti Wedding Bands

Ibraggiotti Wedding Bands

If you will ask anyone what type of jewelry then he / she may reply fine jewelry. A bangle created from brass may look fine to you rather than one made up of gold. Honestly speaking fine jewelry may also be categorized as jewelry created from precious metals like gold, silver and necklace with some semi-precious or precious stones. But this is not the actual and final categorization. The finest jewelry of today’s times is platinum jewelry. It is very necessary that precious metal should actually be fixed with diamonds as well as other stones to qualify the stage of fine jewelry.


Any type of jewelry which is precious and made from stones as well as metals which we consider precious as well expensive comes in the fine jewelry category. The best silver, gold, diamonds and the platinum are preferred to craft fine jewelry. You can get fine jewelry in different designs, shapes and sizes and these jewelries are crafted immaculately.

Anniversary rings- Gemstone Rings for Togetherness!

Wedding anniversaries are truly considered as special days by every couple. It is one of the long-established traditions to celebrate this beautiful occasion by giving a precious gemstone. From the time when kings and queens used to rule their dynasty, precious metals were used as gifts for wedding anniversaries. Couples used to get wreath of silver once they completed 25 years of their marriage and gold on completing 50 years of their marriage. It was a good gesture to honor couples and their bond of love and togetherness. Following the same tradition, the Victorians made a list of gemstone to match particular stones to certain marriage anniversaries so that all the important dates are celebrated in style and tradition.


The gemstones wedding anniversary list was made by putting all the stones in a proper order like more important milestone would be marked with luxurious stones. To celebrate the most important anniversaries, the diamond appears to be on the top of the list. To describe eternal love and to show strength of togetherness and unity there is no better stone than diamond. To honor 60 years of married life, the diamond is again used because it marks its significance. In fact Queen Victoria used diamond to mark 60 years of carrying the throne.


The gemstone jewelry chosen for particular anniversaries most of the time has symbolic relevance. Emerald gemstone is used to mark 20th anniversary which shows or you can say represent fidelity in a relationship whereas Ruby is used to mark 40th anniversary which reflects passion, courage and desire.


Marriage is a relationship and it should spark keeps marriage alive and make bond with your partner stronger. We have discussed anniversary gemstone guide so that you can celebrate this special event in a style and cherish those happy moments rest of your life.


Gold, pearls, sapphire, onyx, tourmaline, garnet, blue topaz, Amethyst, Ruby, Opal, Diamond, Citrine, Jade, turquoise, emerald, silver jubilee, pearls Jubilee, pearl jubilee, diamond jubilee, Sapphire Jubilee, Ruby Jubilee, peridot etc. this list of wedding anniversaries gemstone is going to help you a lot.


Wedding anniversaries rings are the best way to show love for each other over the years, there are so many gift ideas which you can consider for your anniversary. So are you planning for a perfect wedding anniversary party? Take ample time and choose the perfect gift to impress your spouse. Bringing new ideas and thoughts in to a gift for your significant partner can bring lot of appreciation for you as well. Some people love to gift diamond rings as a anniversary gift whereas some love other gemstones like emerald, topaz, ruby etc. but all these anniversaries rings not only strengthen any relationship but also give some spice or spark to your marriage. These beautiful rings make the relationship healthy and you start loving each other more. Sometimes some stones are so lucky for the couple that it brings success and prosperity in a couple’s life and they start growing personally and professionally too.


Rich And Subtle Wedding Jewelry For Your Love

There are different types of designer wedding bands which you can pick such as hammered design bands, braided wedding bands, paisley bands and many other designs like Celtic wedding band.

Different people have different choices and when it comes to choosing type of wedding band your personal choice is what matters. There is nothing practical or technical in choosing design wedding apart from deciding what kind of design you prefer.


One and only practical consideration which you want to make while choosing wedding bands designs is the understanding that fashion or trends fades away and you must be looking for a design that stays forever. The second consideration is deciding whether you will wear ring everyday and how you can make your ring to sustain safely. It usually depends on the kind of work, hobbies and career you have.

Eternity rings are great pieces of jewelry that depicts true love. They come in finger ring form or band. As the name says this ornament is not like any ordinary ornament. They have special feelings behind them. Eternity rings are evergreen and forever.


Eternity rings are made from gold or platinum and is encrusted with some precious stones like diamond that encircle the beautiful ring all way round. This stands for eternal circle of true love and life. They are used often as wedding bands. These rings are solid that they form continuous circle of diamonds or other gemstones. For many people it is like a custom to celebrate first anniversary with an eternity ring made up of diamond and usually it is worn between the wedding and engagement ring.

Even if there is no celebration or occasion then also you can gift eternity ring to your beloved to show your love and tell her that she is so special in your life and I am sure she will fall in love with you all over again.


The use of diamond shows eternity. It is said that diamonds are forever and remains forever. This beautiful gemstone symbolizes never ending love, closeness and togetherness which couples share in any relationship.

There are jewelers who have got good range of rings created over time. To buy eternity rings always go to some expert source. Trust me they are custom engineered and are have got the finest craftsmanship. When you choose size of your wrist or finger and order the custom to make a ring or band. Immediately your jeweler will calculate number of diamond stones needed to make a ring for you.


Buying a classic piece of jewelry always need some homework, as these rings reflects your eternal love and care for your loved one. Thus, make sure that you get the best place to buy jewelry as these are something to be kept always and share the moments for the lifetime.


Thus, buy a jewelry that reflects you love, care and dedication towards your special and make them feel special with some stunning jewelry. Cheers!

Gold Care

To keep your gold jewelry looking shiny, you could use a toothbrush and some soapy water to clean inside the crevices of the jewelry. Dishwashing liquid is a suitable cleaning solution for cleaning gold jewelry. Make sure that you rinse the jewelry with warm water until the water runs clear to ensure that all of the soap has been rinsed off completely. Afterwards, buff your jewelry piece with a soft, lint free cloth.

Instead of using soap and water to clean your gold jewelry, you could also use a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner. Before using a particular jewelry cleaner, check to see if the jewelry cleaner is safe to use on your jewelry especially if it contains gemstones.
Tip #1

Try not to wear your gold jewelry everyday to avoid getting it damaged. If you do need to wear your jewelry on a daily basis, then it’s recommended that you clean your jewelry everyday to avoid any build-up of grease and dirt.
Tip #2

Store your gold jewelry in a velvet-lined jewelry box or case that contains compartments for each item. If you don’t have a jewelry box, you should wrap each piece of jewelry in a separate piece of tissue paper and keep them in a small bag or pouch. It’s best to keep your jewelry separate because this will prevent your gold jewelry from getting scratched by other jewelry pieces that may contain gemstones.
Tip #3

When storing your jewelry, make sure that it’s dry because moisture can cause the springs and clasps to weaken over time.