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Aside from Gold Pendants, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry never stays behind with our sublime cluster of rings, slides, pieces of jewelry, hoops, chains, wrist trinkets and adornments. With a large number of assortments in store you can simply examine online which one suits you best. Try not to falter to interface with us; our live talk client administration agent is constantly prepared to help you at whatever time. We take into account all types of inquiries identified with pendant neckbands, wholesale adornments, charms and dabs, silver or sterling silver, or anything about sterling silver. Don’t hesitate to explore our site to get a thought of your favored accessory with pendant and you will be flabbergasted at what number of alternatives exist. You will end up needing to get everything as they are all fantastic right in front of you.

Each of the globules and charms and pendants are one of a kind in their own style, shape, shading and cost. Handpicked by master experts, the iBraggiotti trademark is known for greatness and five star quality. Our stupendous alternatives contain almost every pendant neckband or appeal for arm jewelery comprehensible and a blend of the mind boggling. Customize your pendants and charms with our unlimited blends to make a token that is remarkably you. You can run for great magnificence with our precious stone pendants or pick the fun and chic gemstone pendants. Our pendant pieces of jewelry add an amazing length to a generally frump top. Our silver and sterling silver pieces of jewelry offer an insight of fragile sparkle to any style. So fulfill your taste and match your outfit with our immense choice of magnificent charms and pendants. In the event that it is an iBraggiotti brand, realize that it is world class.


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What can reflect your unique style to the world better than a gold pendant? A pendant is personal and has the power to hold so many meanings. Browse our diamond, gemstone and pearl collections to find the most momentous and special pendant or charm which would suite you as well as your outfit perfectly. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry is where you certainly find the ideal focal point ,center piece, to your wearable art. With over ten thousand stunning styles of pendants and charms to choose from, your only challenge is deciding which ones you love most. Add a glowing touch of sophistication to any necklace with the diamond, gemstone, gold, moissanite, pearl, platinum, or sterling silver pendants. All these fill glamour to your already radiant beauty. Whatever your style is, we just have the right pendants and charms for you.

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The marquise shape is attributed to the Sun King Louis the XIV of France in his desire to create a diamond cut that resembles the smile of his beloved Marquise. Any of the marquise pave diamond rings would definitely look surprisingly awesome on the queen of your heart. So why choose a ring with side stones? A channel of side stones are glitzy diamonds that embolden the center stone to create a sophisticated glamour to your engagement diamond rings. The marquise pave channel is a setting of diamond stones on the diamond ring bands. These side stones of diamonds are intricately placed in various breathtaking pave set or channel set designs along the diamond bands. Cascading along the chest of the rings, pave and channel set engagement rings offer a distinct level of elegance that enhances the beauty of the center diamond. Your choice of center diamond is accented by rows of distinct diamonds, cut to various sizes and in assorted shapes. In each piece, these stones highlight your investment and lend a fashionable look to your ring. Buy these diamond engagement rings and any gold wedding bands at iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry to give her the ultimate shine that she deserves. Our large index of magnificent ring designs is one of a kind, such you can hardly find in other jewelry stores. Your surprise would turn out a lot more exciting when you pair them with your very own choice of wedding rings for men, either from the men’s wedding bands or men’s wedding rings arcade. Your undying love for each other makes you worthy of these promise rings that are meant to last forever. So when you have already given the gift of love and your diamond ring will last a lifetime, it’s time you set forth getting bridal rings. Now, you need a wedding gift that will speak louder than words. Diamond solitaire earrings make excellent gifts for your big day. Browse our selection of diamond stud earrings today.

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Precious stone pendants are a ladies’ closest companion; she will love wearing them in shifted styles at each event. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry values this female enthusiasm thus we might want to offer you our far reaching choice of wonderful pendants for pieces of jewelry in all arrangements. Originating from the world’s best architect gems, our broad pendants gathering incorporates embellishments, creature shapes, mindfulness, child and family styles and dark and white pendants. Not to be abandoned the rundown are Cameos, Celestial and Claddagh pendants, and also shading precious stones, jewel and gemstone and jewel and pearl blends. You can likewise browse our splendid precious stone style pendants, gemstone, heart, introductory, venture, key, mementos and name plate pendants. Only some of our most loved stunning shape, snowflake, star, teardrop and vintage pendants are set in 18K and 14K white gold and yellow gold. For a keepsake to celebrate yesterday, today and tomorrow, select the three stone pendants.


Planning your own particular remembrance of fine gems precious stone is an one of a kind and fun experience. iBraggiotti signature jewels stay top notch and are constantly trusted to typify the ideal parity of brightness, magnificence, fire and mind blowing enthusiasm. We keep up the most elevated amount of craftsmanship for fine planner precious stone adornments that you will be appreciative for quite a long time to come. Whichever communicates your distinction and individual slant, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry offers expansive and thrilling style adornments ideal for pendants and accessories, guarantee rings, vintage wedding bands, wedding bands, gold rings, silver neckbands or precious stone pieces of jewelry and precious stone studs. Find the opportunity to converse with our agreeable gem dealers for a superior point of view of how we can give you the adornments you had always wanted.


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“IBRAGGIOTTI” a prestigious collection of Fine Jewelry.
Let Your Wedding & occasion make special with ibraggiotti.


  1. Antique Rings: – A wide and unique collection of antique rings at ibraggiotti. An antique ring of art that has a high value because of its quality.  Antique Rings pieces have significant personal meanings (for example, love, religious devotion, or mourning) in addition to being pleasing.
  1. Engagement Bands: – Make your engagement personalized with iBraggiotti spectacular collection of engagement bands.Engagement bands are the top choice of couples. Ibraggiotti present choices in engagement band like Round Diamond, Princess Cut Diamond, Baguette Diamond.
  1. Pave Rings: – A ring which is designed beautifully & technically. Brilliant cut round diamonds are generally used for pave rings settings. With invisible set diamonds, the stones seem to float in a grid or covering a surface with no metal showing at all.
  1. Rings with Sidestones : –  The Side Stone engagement ring takes a simple setting and makes it attractive. Selecting the ideal clarity, color and cut of your center diamond is a top priority in engagement ring selection. The Side Stone ring is perfect for any era.
  1. Solitaire Rings: – A diamond solitaire ring is perfect for that special engagement. Solitaire is perfect expression of love. You will find ten different diamond cuts at ibraggiotti.
  1. Three Stone Rings: – Celebrate your engagement with three stone diamonds ring from ibraggiotti.  This is the perfect way to express your feeling to your life partner. Lots of couples are looking to three stone diamond rings as a way to integrate a family diamond. Browse our collection for your three stone diamond engagement ring.

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With regards to making new forms and slants in the adornments business, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry never goes out of style. It has vanquished the large number with its dazzling emerald cut precious stone rings with sidestones, another unmistakable outline separated from three stone jewel rings. Our precious stone rings with side stones are intended to lay accentuation on the single focus stone. Your inside jewel will amaze while rising up out of a scenery of encompassing precious stones sparkling like stars amidst a serene night. The clear settings will shine in faint situations while channel set rings draw visual lines from the hand that move toward the inside stone, driving the eye to your symbol of interminable affection. Such an astounding marvel of jewel and rings is intended to keep going forever.


iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry shows the most stunning collection of emerald cut precious stone rings with sidestones. These precious stone wedding bands extend much assorted attributes from different offers on the web. A jewel ring is an image of duty and extreme affection. She would instantly adore it on the off chance that it has some feeling of individual touch. This is the motivation behind why we open the thought of customization to outline a ring that suits your taste. We would love to give you the precious stone ring you will always remember for quite a long time to come. Our wide determination of astonishing wedding sets comprise of unmistakable moving guarantee rings, marriage rings, wedding bands and silver rings all intended to do right by you on your enormous day. We simply comprehend that you need the best thus we offer you the most phenomenal engagement precious stone rings from our finest adornments accumulation.

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Know about the setting you select for your oval jewel, as just certain sorts of settings match well with them. Its one of a kind shape needs a sure setting sort to compliment the stone’s extraordinary properties. In the event that you like an oval precious stone for an inside stone, match it with settings from solitaire, with side stones, or whatever other style all the more fine looking to your lady to be. Our relic oval jewel wedding bands accumulation makes an extraordinary point of reference to wedding bands, wedding rings or some other guarantee rings for your future spouse. They look more prominent when they are combined with relating precious stone hoops and in addition fine jewel accessory. Intended to fit her way of life, oval obsolescent precious stone rings make a flawless engagement proposition and looks verifiably extraordinary on your life partner’s finger for ordinary wear from that point.


Each gem recounts a story. Each story makes a lifetime book out of intelligence and encounters. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry takes pride in making these stories a reality with its finest gathering of obsolescent wedding bands. This is your unique woman’s most huge story she will be gloating the world about. So understanding who will wear an oval precious stone is fundamental to knowing whether she will love it or not. Remember that an oval formed stone will highlight certain components in the human casing. Of the stones accessible in jewel rings, the oval cut precious stone is coordinated by few for excellence. These one of a kind obsolescent style settings will stop people in their tracks for quite a long time to come. This show-stopper makes the best story on the planet. Presently, still concerned the oval precious stone is not a good fit for you? Likely it’s opportunity you investigate a round obsolescent precious stone ring or other obsolescent rings with distinctive jewel cuts. On the other hand perhaps it’s the clear wedding bands you have looked at?