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Marquise diamonds are truly set apart from any other stone. They draw the eye to exquisite lines and achieve incredible brightness. Pair one of these stones with a striking antique style setting, and you have a stylish match that is hard to beat. Consider our collection of marquise antique diamond rings for your engagement and revive the legend of Marquise of Pompadour. Marquise diamond engagement rings are attributed to Louis the XIV, the Sun King when he first ordered craters to create a brilliant cut diamond that could match the smile of his mistress, Marquise of Pompadour. Marquise antique diamond rings are made to look as interestingly large as possible. Wearing this cut of diamond rings tends to project an extrovert, innovative, determined and ambitious personality in you. You will never find any promise rings as strong and elegant as marquise antique diamond rings. Owe find the marquise cut to be intriguing. These stunning stones really find their way into true elegance in antique settings. Perfectly cut diamonds following the royal marquise shape enhances the diamond’s brilliance.

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We just call them special. When viewed from the top, marquise cut resembles the shape of a sailboat. The components like crown, pavilion and the center table are cut in steps making rectangular facets. Such components are made to decrease in size as they approach the center stone providing a great deal of sparkle making the diamond radiate a dazzling spark. You will never look for engagement vintage rings if you find our marquise royal diamond rings. Like no other jewelry stores, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry continues to lead as the number one diamond rings shop when it comes to first rate engagement rings as well as bridal sets including men’s wedding rings, and men’s wedding bands. Other than marquise antique diamond rings you can find lovely diamond rings and gold rings in different shapes and sizes. Perhaps you would want to try our princess cut antique engagement rings also preferred for its royalty. Or you may rather visit our education section to know more about the value of the various sizes and cuts of all our gemstones. If you are ready to shop for antique engagement ring but you don’t feel like a marquise cut diamond, consider a pear shaped antique diamond ring. Pear shaped stones blend the marquise cut with a traditional round brilliant cut diamond.

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iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry shows almost 200 assortments of gemstone pendants in any of credible gemstones like amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, refined pearl, cubic zirconia, emerald, garnet, onyx, opal, pearl, peridot, quartz, ruby, sapphire,Trillion Solitaire Ring, Swarovski precious stone and tanzanite. Our choice of pieces of jewelry pendants is genuinely stunning as we just specialty the finest style gems with cutting edge quality and heavenly excellence and tastefulness. We have the accomplished adornments originators on the planet thus our business sector of silver gems and gold gems is really stunning. Go silver and blessing yourself and your friends and family with our surprising bits of silver wristbands, silver studs, silver accessories,Religious Earrings , sterling silver rings, and pendants pieces of jewelry. On the other hand rather, go for gold and complete your wonderful exhibit of gold jewelry, gold pendant, Fine Bridal Jewelry,hoops and arm ornaments. Whether wholesale gems or individual pieces, you will never lament acquiring the iBraggiotti brand.


You would love to get your own custom gems or architect gems; we have each piece in 14K yellow gold and 14K white gold, Ichthus Jewelry ,10K yellow gold and sterling silver. You can blend and match any of the honest to goodness gemstones that we offer and make an arrangement of extraordinary, customized remembrance neckbands and pendants for you and your friends and family. Complete your choice with our stupendous wedding adornments or marriage gems and get the silver rings, mementos, ornaments, Unique Settings Of New York Prices , dots and precious stone accessory, silver neckband or gold accessories you had always wanted. Any adornments outline would search wonderful for we never settle with anything not exactly incomparable excellence and world class craftsmanship. In the realm of adornments supplies of pendants, pieces of jewelry, Ichthus Fish Jewelry and gems on the web, iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry gladly emerges.

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Sterling silver is an incredible option for white gold. Coming in assortment of styles, it is dependably in design and certainly more reasonable. Sterling silver ring plans regularly are roused by Trillion Solitaire Ring and jewel rings. There is an extraordinary advancement going on magazines and superstars to maintain the trendiest plans for design silver adornments. You will have the capacity to see an assortment of design styles in our gathering. Our sterling silver ring choice incorporate great obsolescent rings, Cameos, Claddagh, mixed drink rings, freestyle, gemstone rings, heart molded and stackable rings. On our determination you will likewise discover diverse formed rings as botanical, fleur de lis, Greek key, bunches, mother rings, masonic, creature molded rings and numerous other more. Scan through our immeasurable sterling silver ring accumulation and without a doubt you will locate the one you are particularly searching for.


Each lady should be lovely when wearing sterling silver with rings, hoops and pieces of jewelry. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry suggests numerous sorts of staggering sterling silver rings that can run with an assortment of diverse styles. Fill that little piece that is absent in her closet with our flawless exhibit of enormous rings, contemporary rings,Religious Earrings, extravagant rings, style rings, glass, chunk rings, and moving rings. Any of these finishes her ensemble adornments and are incredible for ordinary use. Include somewhat additional flawless look on one of her fingers with our astonishing wedding bands, guarantee rings, and wedding bands in sterling silver and honest to goodness gemstones. For reasons unknown or event, sterling silver frill are never exhausted when they are added to a sterling silver adornments arrangement. Try different things with some new look, and let her seem more stylish than any time in recent memory with the iBraggiotti design.

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Hunting down the ideal wedding band can be overpowering. There are such a large number of choices to boggle the psyche of. In the event that you are occupied with the object from olden times look, consider this exquisite style. Its remarkable shape will make your wedding band champion. Known by its egg molded cut, the oval jewel is less basic in engagement settings. Wonderful style with superb quality and predominant craftsmanship – that is the way oval obsolescent jewel rings are made. Intended to fit impeccably an oval jewel in the inside, the setting will highlight and upgrade the look of the exceptional focus stone. Become more acquainted with this perfect magnificence of obsolescent wedding bands and set yourself separated with one today.


Know about the setting you select for your oval precious stone, as just certain sorts of settings match well with them. Its interesting shape needs a sure setting sort to compliment the stone’s one of a kind characteristics. In the event that you like an oval jewel for an inside stone, match it with settings from solitaire, with side stones, or some other style all the more fine looking to your lady to be. Our object from olden times oval precious stone wedding bands gathering makes an extraordinary point of reference to wedding bands, wedding rings or whatever other guarantee rings for your future spouse. They look more prominent when they are combined with relating precious stone studs and in addition fine jewel neckband. Intended to fit her way of life, oval obsolescent jewel rings make an impeccable engagement proposition and looks certainly extraordinary on your life partner’s finger for ordinary wear from that poin.

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Know about the setting you select for your oval jewel, as just certain sorts of settings combine well with them. Its novel shape needs a sure setting sort to compliment the stone’s one of a kind properties. On the off chance that you like an oval jewel for an inside stone, match it with settings from solitaire, with side stones, or whatever other style all the more fine looking to your lady to be. Our classic rarity oval precious stone wedding bands accumulation makes an incredible point of reference to wedding bands, wedding rings or whatever other guarantee rings for your future lady. They look more prominent when they are combined with comparing precious stone hoops and fine jewel neckband. Intended to fit her way of life, oval obsolescent precious stone rings make a flawless engagement proposition and looks verifiably extraordinary on your life partner’s finger for regular wear from that point.


Each gem recounts a story. Each story makes a lifetime book out of astuteness and encounters. iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry takes pride in making these stories a reality with its finest gathering of obsolescent wedding bands. This is your exceptional woman’s most noteworthy story she will be gloating the world about. So understanding who will wear an oval precious stone is fundamental to knowing whether she will love it or not. Remember that an oval formed stone will highlight certain elements in the human edge Trillion Solitaire Engagement Ring. Of the stones accessible in precious stone rings, the oval cut jewel is coordinated by few for excellence. These exceptional obsolescent style settings will knock some people’s socks off for quite a long time to come. This masterpiece makes the best story on the planet. Presently, still concerned the oval precious stone is not a good fit for you? Most likely it’s chance you investigate a round obsolescent precious stone ring or other obsolescent rings with diverse jewel cuts. On the other hand perhaps it’s the clear wedding bands you have looked at?

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The precious stone industry has seen a wedding band renaissance, beginning around the turn of the third thousand years. Perfect rings demonstrated after immortal partners almost one hundred years of age, these round obsolescent style precious stone rings are remarkably you. Regardless of your style, you can locate your ideal match in our round obsolescent jewel rings.From clear settings to channel set rings with side stones, each of these wedding bands include a splendid cut focus stone. They are called “splendid” on the grounds that they reflect so much light. It will emerge over the rest with one of our stunning obsolescent round jewel rings.

On the off chance that you are searching for an old ring that somebody well known may have worn, we can’t help you. The greater part of our rings are shiny new, made right here in New York City. From clear settings to channel set rings with side stones, each of these wedding bands highlights a splendid cut focus stone. They’re called “splendid” on the grounds that they refract so much light.


We stay informed concerning the most recent in innovation. Say farewell to dismissal with our fresh out of the plastic new accumulation of round obsolescent jewel rings. You are up to sparkle so don’t miss the possibility. Give us a chance to offer you some assistance with finding you’re ring today! Our online adornments store is open all day, every day. Look at our jewel instruction area to peruse on some of our clients’ most basic inquiries. Also, don’t falter to hit us up at whatever time in the event that you need for more data; we have fabulous client agents prepared at your administration.

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A sterling silver pendant is a great way to express one’s uniqueness in being classy and fashionable Fine Bridal Jewelry. Pendants for necklaces have always been worn to signify personal icon and higher social status. Featuring our diversified styles for costume jewelry Unique Settings Of New York Prices, we offer wide assortments of shapes and sizes. If you are a jewelry lover, our ocean of options of wholesale jewelry is perfect for you to right away pick from our jewelry online store Ichthus Jewelry. You will want to choose all silver jewelry pieces like silver necklaces, silver rings, Unique Settings Products Engagement Rings, silver bracelets and earrings. Or you prefer gold jewelry where you can select from gold necklaces, gold rings,Moissanite Eternity Ring , bracelets and many more. Whatever you desire, we will readily attend to your needs as we have friendly and expert staff to assist you anytime.

iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry not only assembles sterling silver with any pure precious metals and genuine gemstones Religious Earrings , but also provides top rated customer service to all our clients all over the world. Our live chat connects us with our customers so that we are always accessible anytime they need us Trillion Solitaire Ring. The heart of our ensemble is supreme quality, and fine jewelry is our passion. We also offer the finest diamonds on earth; our diamond jewelry is built for customers who love diamond necklaces, charm bracelets, lockets, cross necklaces,Ichthus Fish Jewelry. pendant necklaces, heart necklaces, pearl necklaces, choker necklaces or a sterling silver ring. For much detailed information, navigate our education section and get as much knowledge as you desire. Browse through our website and you will get to encounter our whole package of sterling silver pendants in different styles. Cameos, Irish Claddagh, Glass, Marine, Medical, Military, Graduation, Family, Mom, Anniversary Gifts and Zodiac Pendants are just few of them.

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