6 beautiful Personal Gift for Valentine’s Day

Selecting best gift is very big challenge for all women, because they wants there gift look more personal. at ibraggiotti.com we have very large collection of jeweler and accessories  your valentine impressed when your gifts carry a personal touch and reflect his beautiful thoughts about you. Here are some ideas to make your gifts more personal for him this Valentine’s Day
Photo Book: Everyone loves gifts involving memories. As a romantic relationship is all about sharing both happy and sad moments at each others’ side, you can always impress your boyfriend by giving a gift involving memories
 valentine gifts
Paracord Key Chain: Another way to impress your boyfriend is to select a gift that he can use on a daily basis. When you present him a key chain, he will remember you each time he is accessing his door, cupboard or car keys. Therefore, you can consider paracord key chain as a Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend.
 valentine gifts
Cuff Links Compliment his outfit with this Stainless Steel good quality iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry accessory. The item made with expert craftsmanship is a perfect gift for mens collection. Men also do like jewelry even though they do not announce it. Make him feel special and add up to his style with this graceful piece from the collection. Browse the rest of our collection for more variety of styles.

 cuff links
Money ClipThis fashion money clip is a perfect gift for the special men in your life. Men also do like jewelry even though they do not announce it. Make him feel special and add up to his style with this fantastic piece of fine accessory from iBraggiotti Fine Jewelry.
money clipping

Greeting Card:  In comparison to other gift items, the greeting card will require some additional time and efforts. You can choose a piece of cardboard construction paper and customize it using flattened and dried flower petals and rice grains.
valentine gifts

Custom-Designed Handkerchief: Many girls prefer to surprise and impress their boyfriends on Valentine’s Day by giving customized gifts. If you are good with stitching, you can make custom-designed handkerchief with special romantic messages and lines. The handkerchief can also display your boyfriend’s name stitched on it.

Wishing You all Happy New Year

Every year we celebrate a new year, a new beginning, a clean slate. It almost feels like we have a fresh shot at the next 365 days. Embrace it, be accepting, be patient and have the courage to take on whatever you come across.
Over the holiday period we have the opportunity to connect with old friends, visit with family, and catch up on things – including time on social media. Through social media many of us tweet, like, post and share what others are saying.
Peace, good health, good fortune, good luck, happiness, money, success, friendship and love are fairly common words associated with the New Year’s wishes we offer to others.we all hope for these, however this anonymous quote sums things up quite simply:
“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”
Here’s a new concept: A New Year’s bucket list.
• “Break a bad habit
• Learn a new skill
• Do a good deed
• Visit a new place
• Read a difficult book
• Write something important
• Try a new food
• Do something good for someone anonymously
• Take an important risk”

How to celebrate Christmas?

December 25 is the traditional anniversary of the birth of Christ, but most scholars are unsure about the true date for Christ’s birth. Americans celebrate Christmas present is rooted in Christmases past. Fully 86% of U.S. adults say they intend to gather with family and friends on Christmas this year, and an identical number say they plan to buy gifts for friends and family. here is few tips for Christmas celebration:-


1) Get all friends together

2) Decorate your car with lighting

3) Decorate Christmas tree with flower, light and candy

4) Give gift to everyone like festival jewelrybraceletspendent or religious gift

5) Make a nativity scene from snow; if you live near a sunny beach, sand-sculpt the nativity scene.

Jewelry as a Christmas gift?

Hello everyone..! Here comes the Christmas season. The season of red and green.. The festival of gifts.. So how about Jewelry as a Christmas gift. Sounds interesting?


In coming weeks we are planning to discover more about how jewelry can be a perfect Christmas gift for the loved ones. I am going to tell you what type of Christmas Jewelry is currently in trend and also help you find the right Christmas Jewelry as a gift to your family like  gold chains, judaica, diamond pendants, gold crosses, iBraggiotti offers Christian jewelry  diamond wedding bands, religious engagement rings, anniversary gifts, religious gifts.


Christmas is also a season of ‘OFFERS’. So we would be posting about various offers available on ibraggiotti.com suit your budget.